Jan 13, 2013

Sunday Chicken Day Meet Pharaoh

Meet Pharaoh
Yes he is in a constant state of crowing and strutting...
He was originally named Farrah after
 Farrah Fawcett

This was a hen or so I thought.  All I know is it had just tons of fluffy feathers and liked to strut around a lot.
It soon became clear that this little chicken was not a hen but indeed a rooster.....do I have a barnyard full of roosters?  Yes, I do whew....
Well anyway now I am going to introduce you to

He is a rebel, a loner and can't be kept in any pen.  He will always find a way out, so what's a person to do you may ask? Just let him out and let him roam ~

He is your average Feed & Seed Chick Americana Variety
But all chickens have a personality of their own and I love them.

There he is getting ready to crow again.
He stands outside of the others' pens and does this as if to say I am a free bird and you are not.

He will go where no chicken will go and constantly does!

I thought you would like to see this again.  Yes always crowing!

Blessings on this Beautiful Sunday!



  1. He has such pretty colors & reminds me of Paprika...
    very handsome.... that side shot of him, he is lovely with a touch of gray in the tail..he would pretty to paint.

  2. I once had a kitten that I named Gigi, a version of her Hungarian mother's name of Gizi (don't ask). Anyways Gigi turned out to be a male and so he was renamed Gizmo (from Flinstones, remember?).

    I love Pharoah's name. Perfect for the kings in the henhouse.

  3. Hysterical. I love that he was a Farah first and wanted "out". He is one pretty handsome rooster if you ask me- xo Diana

  4. I bet he wakes up the whole neighborhood! Beautiful colors!

  5. He is a very pretty rooster, or should I saw handsome! I'll bet he does crow a lot, the others must be jealous.

  6. I loved meeting Pharaoh! He is soooo handsome. I agree - chickens have their own distinct personalities! It's so fun getting to know them :)

  7. Ha ha! I love Americaunas roosters. They seem to really be the best personalities. I always end up with extra Roosters, too! Thank you so much for praying for my dad, I really appreciate this so much. I have a new update on my post if you would like to read it. Thank you and bless You!

  8. He is one handsome rooster! Must be wonderful to look outside and see him every day! Stopping by from Tilly's Nest.

  9. Dolly, what a handsome rooster! I love visiting your blog. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo

  10. Very cute! Come visit when you have a chance, we're giving away a really neat chicken feeder this week.

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