Apr 11, 2014


Look at that face!  He smiles.  Look at that huge smile!
That's my little baby.  I say little but he is huge.  He is dirty and matted but is going to get a much needed grooming soon.  He is precious and so loving.  I'll get another picture of him after I groom him.  He is so pretty.

Our first Great Pyrenees


You may remember Chewy our first Great Pyrenees Dog we had that died.  He was a beauty too a bandit with the little mask on his face.  He was a proud dog.  you can see more pics of him here

Then seemingly from nowhere a stranger told of having this dog, a Great Pyrenees that needed a good home.  He had been living with a 5 year old girl and was getting a little too big for her to keep.  That was the best day for me.  I'll never forget from the very first day Casper seemed so happy.  He gets along with every animal so well.  His best friend is a rooster, named Spot. 

 Spot and Casper right after we got him last year in February.

They even eat together.  The picture below was the first day we got him and look at how well behaved he is.  Of course Chuck is a dog whisperer.


Casper has grown so much in a years time.  He is the most loving animal.  He is a wonderful guardian over the flock of chickens that is for sure.  They do however get on his nerves in the morning hours when he is trying to sleep and they crow non stop.  

You see the Great Pyrenees work at night keeping watch and then sleep in the day.  He yelps and talks to them telling them to be quiet and they listen.  It is so funny but they do communicate.  He'll let them all get a crow or two out. Ya'll know I'm blessed with roosters. Then when he's had enough he tells them Quite!  They listen and hush.  It is hilarious.

It wasn't too terribly long ago he figured out that if he needs to he can get out of the huge dog pen.  I was shocked and worried because this breed will push the limits and always want to roam away.  I like that idea now because if needed he can escape to help me!

They are our entertainment.  Chuck and I enjoy watching them from the kitchen window while having our morning coffee.

Now, look at this face.  He is trying ever so hard to sit still.  I have a treat in my pocket and he takes me to play with.  Always he takes me to play with!  I have to be a little stern to make him mind me.  I am not a dog whisperer.  I am feeder of all things on this property.  After about the third time of telling him to sit or no treat he is finally still.  

You see he loves me and stands taller than me on his hind legs.  He likes to hug me.  He is so large if he were mean I'd be out of luck.  The fact is though he knows I have the food and most of all the treats!

Had to leave you with this picture again.  Smile the world smiles with you!

What are you up too?  Weather is getting prettier, strawberries are getting ripe.  There is Spring Cleaning to do inside and out.  Gardening to be done, oh boy there is a lot of that to do.  Easter is coming!  Spring break is here for the school kids!  
What a busy and wonderful time of year!


  1. I hadn't head of Great Pyrenees until we moved out here. There are two owed by someone out here that roam around in the very early morning while it's still dark. I pass them all the time on my way to work and often roll down the window to say hi. Then our friends have two, one guards the animals by the house while the other lives with the goats. Both are taller than I am (which is not difficult) but love to be hugged and the male thinks it is a lap dog ! I'd get one of these if I had more animals up here.

    1. Hey Kathy,
      They do like to roam I keep mine in a pen although he can get out he stays in. I am blessed with that Casper. I really loved Chewy but he was harder to handle and ran away all of the time. Oh I'll bet your neighbors dogs do love you! That's cute that lap dog is a pretty big baby..You would love one. I really love mine.