May 26, 2018

Hibiscus House Peacock Sighting!

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Don't you think that the male Peacock is absolutely beautiful?  I sure do!  We have some of the strangest things to happen to us here.  You know we live out in the middle of farm fields and a huge swamp behind us acres away.  I love it!  I've seen groundhogs, coyotes, bobcats, racoons, opossums, deer, dingoes, lots of snakes ugh, and even an otter came across the side yard one day!  Today was different!

I was going to feed the dog and chickens some kitchen scraps and add some eggshells to the tomato plants when I saw something so very graceful coming my way!  I was startled and jumped back quickly!  I said, "Dear God look what you've sent my way!"  It was a Peacock!

I ran inside to tell Chuck.  Told him BE QUIET and don't scare him away!  Grabbed my camera and ran back out!

I caught a few (although not very clear) pictures!  Sharing today the Hibiscus House Peacock Sighting!

Look at this!
He is a calm sort!

He was very close to me and just gracefully kept walking smoothly.
They look like a bride with a long train walking
A beauty contestant in a pageant!

Close up blurry view
Beautiful colors!
He is looking at me here!
I am singing and talking to him and he is still coming!

I took an extremely quick video
Watch Quickly
He is gorgeous!

Excuse my excitement and shaky hand
Another short video!

I thought I would add someone's better video with feathers opened!
They are beautiful Birds!

I researched a little on Peacocks last night
Learned he is a male
The males in mating season can be fighting mad and dangerous
This one today seemed to be peaceful or sad I don't know which.
He was alone maybe seeking his mate?
I don't know but I wanted to share with you this exciting small event here!
I do hope he comes back that would be great!
Neighbors if he is yours and you don't want him send him back to me!


  1. What a beauty! My neighbor used to raise them but I remember a couple of them as being very mean and being warned to stay away from them.
    I used to have a lot of peacock feathers from that farm but lost them over the years.
    Happy Hunting out there- xo Diana

    1. He is and I hope he comes back, but not with a mean attitude. They do say they can be very loud and bothersome though. Thanks Diana xoxox Dolly

  2. Morning, He is beautiful. Like you we have many things wonder across the front field. Not so much close to the house. Our dog is loose a lot of the time because of coyotes. He if fairly new to thee family so he doesn't know who is welcome and who is not. So just to bee safe He chases everyone off.
    We do have a semi-wild turkey hen though who refuses to stay gone. We now look for her before letting Smokey out. Hoping he will eventually learn to leave most wildlife alone.
    Enjoy your Sunday

    1. Hey, Good Morning! Just getting these comments and don't know what the problem is but I apologize for it. I would love to see the things that wonder across your field! Hahaha about the new dog chasing, that is cute! Oh a wild turkey that is great! When children we had a tom turkey we named Gus who took up at our home. Loved that bird! Always so good to hear from you!