May 24, 2018

Lemons Anyone?

Recently I've been sharing money saving tips and still have a few more to go, but today we're talking lemons.  The hoarder in me shops when things are on sale at fabulous prices!  I really like Sur la Table, and have found wonderful things there!

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Lemon and Lavender
What a beautiful combination

Carly just gave me this Lavender
I can't wait for it to fully bloom!

Lemons and lime

I've always loved lemons;  Sweet tea with lemon!  Lemon Pie!  Cleaning with Lemons! Lemons in general!

Opening my delivery

My mama used to store her new items for awhile before using.  I think she appreciated all she ever had and gave away as much as she kept.  I guess I've inherited that, and after receiving all of this I stored in the linen cabinet to use later.

I love the detailed stitching on the napkins

Lemon Linens

I mentioned Sur la table and they have wonderful sales.  That is the time to buy, especially if you are a savings shopper, like myself!  Alright, I didn't realize I'd purchased so many lemon things, until I decided to use!  When I removed the items from storage I was surprised to see how much I had ordered. 

Lots of times I order extra to have gifts on hand.  They do have excellent quality items that I like to give to others.  Evidently I didn't give away anything with the lemon theme!

Table Runner, Cloth and napkins

Detail on the Lemon Table Runner

I like the dishes too!

Using the Tea Towel on the buffet table

Fresh cut blue Hydrangeas are the arrangement
I may replace with the Lavender when in bloom

I am still enjoying the Preserved Boxwood Wreaths

I know this is lemon overload, but when unpacking I just laid it all out to see how it would look.
Maybe my white china would look better with the tablecloth.  I think that would probably be more pleasing.

The yellow does brighten and what fun for Spring. Yellow and blue seem to be my colors of choice at the moment.  This week I've decided to use a comforter set that has been in the linen closet for the Winter. Guess what the colors are? Yellow and Blue!  I'll share that soon.

I've been putting in lots of hours pulling grass and redoing the flower beds this week.
My fingers are beginning to be sore from all of that hands on work!
Sharing the work soon

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