May 29, 2018


Mama always wanted me to hang ferns on this porch of mine.  I wish I had, for her but just didn't relish watering and babying them with the hot sun that shines down on this porch.  

Although the ferns I purchased recently don't hang, I hope they can survive the Summer out here.  We will see. 

Gwen mentioned the ferns to me at the farmer's market, Southern Produce and Plants for locals. Somer said this particular variety of fern would make it in our hot sun.  It's called Kimberly Queen.

That was in April and now May I find myself trying to rescue them.  It is not the ferns, but my neglect of them.  I came home placed them in the side yard, got busy and forgot about them.  Oh, I make myself so mad doing that!  I buy things they sit in pots and sometimes for so long that they take root to save themselves!  These had not taken root, so I guess it could have been worse.

This poor baby had seen better days!
I went about gathering pots, manure, bucket, water hose etc.
Pulled and cut the dead fronds

There they are freshly potted!

You know I had to take a walk out to see how they would look!

Oh my, what a view!
I like them!
They seem to give the area a more relaxed feel!

The view to the side looking out from the porch.
The white roses in bloom
Do you see those 25 gallon black pot trees in the background?
Those are my Snowball Bushes!

The Rose Garden needs cleaning and clearing
Soon a project I have in mind!

The hummingbirds love the feeders!
I'll share a video soon.

I'm even growing lettuce on the front porch!
Can you believe that?  Not me!
The lettuce recalls are enough to make one grow their own!
Even, on the front and back porches!
You may see the awful island border in the background
Look closely, because it looks totally different now!

I like the white Verbena along with the pink Zinnias

The view out front

Let's look at this one more time!
Now I feel like I'm on an island somewhere!
Relaxed, calming, peaceful!

I just went outside to take pictures of the ferns today
May 29 and they are putting on new young growth!
The pictures taken above were on May 11th
I think they will indeed make it!

Fern (left side of the door)

Fern (right side of the door)

It seems they like to grow inward towards the front door!

Taken today
I like the new growth
They are very pretty!

I happened to Look at this and thought to myself, "This can't be staged, this is true life."

Sweet Tea with lemon
My gardening hat, which I love!
Tools are outside the picture
I am hot and tired!

Sitting next to the table I thought, "It just doesn't get any better than this"!
I must think I am in an island paradise!