Jun 3, 2018

Simple Sunday: Nests, Gardening, and a Hummingbird Video

Eggs in Nest Oil Painting

I love the wildlife that surrounds us.  Birds and their beautiful nests I especially love.  A quick picture taken will not harm the little ones and when they hatch I sometimes save and display them.  Today I was playing around with a photo editor for the results seen in this post.

Eggs in Nest
Taken a few years ago

Eggs in Nest Impressionistic edit

Eggs in Nest Oil Painting

Eggs in Nest Watercolor

I've had this photo editor subscription for over a year and haven't used all of it's features.  On this particular day I decided to play.  It is amazing the different colors and textures that show up in the different edits.

It's been a busy week here lots of gardening, grass and weed pulling.  Chuck has been battling the nut grass in the vegetable garden.  Let me tell you that is one hopeless case.  I'm glad it is easy to pull but it is so very thick.

I've been making new edges around the two front island gardens.  They've been neglected for a few years.  The gardens will be simple but beautiful!

One of the Island Gardens
Cleanup and now to edge this garden
More later on the flower gardens later.

First Tomato
We pulled today before it gets eaten up by the critter on it!

Yellow Squash will be on the menu this week!

Check it out
This bloom is getting pollinated for sure!

This one is too!

The beginnings of an Eggplant!

The Hydrangeas, Roses, Daylilies, Verbena, Bee Balm etc. are all blooming!

Gorgeous yellow Daylily!

What's Up With Us?

The little ones are out of school for the Summer!  They're so smart!  I know I may be a little bit prone to say that anyway, but they truly are gifted, talented and smart children!  We're very proud of these young ones!

Mimi camp here we come!

Thank you for the continued prayers for Johnny and Carly.  They are both still in physical therapy, and are improving.  Thank God.  There is still a ways to go but we are so grateful.

Doug was recently in the hospital, now thankfully home.  We would love some prayer for him as well. He and Catie both.

Chuck is enjoying his new eyesight!  He can now go without glasses for the first time since he was in the first grade!  That is a wonderful thing!  Now if he can quit adjusting the invisible eyeglasses that would be great!

I'm doing fine, busy with home and gardens thinking of all the fun new things I want to do.  If I can accomplish a fourth of those goals I'll be happy!

I thought I would share a little video I took with a Hummingbird eating at the new feeder!
They're back!
It was an extremely windy day, but the bird kept on eating!

Ultimate Innovations

We like these!  

They are so easy to fill!

Makes for very easy Hummingbird watching!
You can see they like to flutter while feeding
Then they sit

This is a Product Review as well!
Disclosure:  I purchased the product
It is excellent!

Busy week ahead for us I hope you all have a great one!


  1. It sounds like you are off to a busy summer with Mimi camp and all. I love the pictures you took of all your garden and plants. You got some great shots and I love the bird nest, too, of course.
    I will keep praying for complete healing for them, Dolly. Take good care and have a good week. xo Diana ps...good job on the video---set to music no less! lol

    1. Hi Diana, I'm just seeing these comments. I hope that the comment problem is fixed soon. Thank you so much for the prayers. I hope you have a great week and again I am sorry that these comments are just coming in to me and not in email like they used to...You are right. xoxo Dolly

  2. You sure took some neat pictures and video. I better put out my hummingbird feeder!
    I am sure the kids are very gifted and why not brag? That's awesome. Sending prayers and happy for new eye sight. That must be amazing!

    1. Hey Susie! Thank you! It is always a blessing to hear from you! xoxo Dolly

  3. Nice to catch up with your blog. looks like summer is coming along great for you . Your garden is so wonderfully maintained and those tomatoes wow!!!

    1. Hi Marissa! I've missed you so! It is wonderful to hear from you. Something is going on with our comments on blogs so a delay in getting them. Thank you so much sweet friend!

  4. I make both the deodrant, and face cream... i will be trting your toothpaste recipe .. saves money... and no hidden toxins

    1. Hi there we do have fun don't we? I love the saving money but frankly I think you and I both just enjoy the making something out of the ordinary don't we? Great to hear from you!