Jun 8, 2018


I guess I should add personal hygiene tips to this post.  I don't have that many but I will share what works for me.  Sometimes being a little bit of a minimalist helps with this one, at least that's what I've discovered.


Homemade Deodorant

You may not think very much about the little things we use on a daily basis.  Some things we think nothing of we just do them without thinking. Using deodorant is one of those things.

Four years ago I became so allergic to my deodorant (Secret) that I was completely miserable. The itching and burning were horrible and the rashes were unbearable.

I asked several nursing friends and they told me that they used rubbing alcohol or alcohol pads for deodorant.  That was right up my alley I thought I'm already itching out of my skin.  So I began to use that and Witch Hazel for my deodorant.  I did this for a year.  No reason for the year, except I was researching homemade recipes/mixtures for deodorant.  Let me tell you it works!

You don't have to do it for that long, but keep in mind, it is always a great deodorant go too.  Talk about inexpensive!  The alcohol pads cost anywhere from $4 -$10 depending on the count you buy. Witch Hazel $4 -$6 for bottle or pads.  They are quite refreshing as well.

I confess and you must realize that your body will go through an odor detox. Yes, you will perspire quite a lot at first and may even have a slightly odd smell.  I know that sounds bad, but don't let that turn you away it is only you that can smell that.  Others and believe me I asked, did not smell me. 

This mixture makes two deodorants and each one lasts for months! I think my first roll-on lasted a little over a year with daily use! This deodorant may become a little soft in hot weather.  Keep it rolled down low and apply gently.  It does become harder in the cold weather, but not hard enough to hurt when applying.

Notice This is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant. You will find that after a while you won't even perspire as often as you once did.  The ingredients are inexpensive and safer for your body.  I have been making and using this since 2015-3 years!


I've even made my own toothpaste.  You can too with a few simple safe-for-you ingredients.  There is a lot of information out now that may lead you to not want to use products with Chlorine.  This is a safe alternative.  I like that some of the ingredients are also very good for you.

I do confess that I used Tom's Brand for a while before making my own.  My teeth while feeling clean were not as white as I wanted them to be. 

This homemade recipe works fine but I do alternate with other toothpaste to help keep them whiter.  I'm not really sure if it does, but guess I got cold feet and did that.  I do like the homemade though.

I'll update you soon because I've purchased a tooth whitener from QVC.  This I hope will help with that.  There are so many alternatives to be made by you if you decide to do so.

You can find the Homemade Toothpaste directions here
Made with Trace Minerals if you wish which are very good for you.

This toothpaste is very inexpensive to make and also lasts for months!  You see how it works for you.


Homemade Skin Cream

Homemade Anti Aging Face or Body Cream

Making my own face and body cream or lotion had been in my head for some time.  There are many mixtures on the internet.  I searched and researched for quite some time then decided to use a formula found and choose the oils to add that I may not be allergic to. Finally last year I did make two different varieties of cream.

Each recipe makes one-half cup and lasts for three months!  That is very inexpensive, besides, like with all homemade items you can use your ingredients over and over again to always have on hand.  

I found them to work extremely well.  As of this day, I can't tell you which one works better!  They both work equally well.

You do need to know that a very light hand is needed in applying because these are greasy.  It takes only very little to use at the time.

The mixtures have coconut oil, beeswax, Shea butter, Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin e, and essential oils such as Frankincense, which helps fight cancer I've read. 



I've not purchased any deodorant in almost 5 years!
I do use my homemade cream but use others in addition too because I want a lighter fluffier cream from time to time.
I find that the cream lasts as long as the deodorant almost a year!

Check out the links for the mixtures
You'll see and enjoy the savings!

credit for some of the photos used in today's post came from Unsplash 

I am not a skincare expert, a professional, a Chemist, or a cleaning specialist nor do I make any claims as to how effective any of these products will work for you. These products and recipes haven't been evaluated by the FDA.  I merely share with you what works for me and my family.  If you have any special needs or conditions then you should contact your doctor as to how safe any of the ingredients used in any of the products may affect you.  I am allergic to many things so only post what personally works for me.  Always use your own discretion and research when mixing some ingredients together. Make and use at your own risk.

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