Apr 1, 2013

Spot The Barred Rock Rooster

Spot is such a sweet rooster.  I hatched him about 4 years ago and he is my baby.  
There have been times that he has been so quite and secluded in his own world that I have ignored him.  He is a very humble rooster.  He looks a little rough, lost feathers too. Pharoah gave him a beating even down to pecking his eye so I put Spot outside the pen and he has been running around freely.  Every morning he comes up to the bay window at the kitchen and crows.  He needs some attention.

I locked Pharoah back up and put Spot back into the open pen with
Casper the Great Pyrenees Dog
They even eat out of the same bowl and are now friends.
I need to get a picture of that they are cute together.

Spot loves his shadow!

 Spot has the cutest personality. He really enjoyed his short time out in the wide open space.
I enjoyed him having his freedom and visiting up at the house. I think he likes looking at his own shadow!

Spot died in 2015 from some sickness that Little Dickens brought back.
Little Dickens ran off came back and never acted the same.
She spread a paralyzing sickness that killed several hens and roosters.
I learned that I will never put a chicken back in with the others even though I thought I had quarantined her for about a month it wasn't long enough.


  1. Oh Dolly I adore your guy Spot. He and my Queenie look alot alike. Shame on Pharoah for being a rooster. I am glad Spot's okay. I would love to see a picture of him and Casper. That sounds adorable.

  2. He is still very handsome, even after being roughed up! Our two roosters have finally come to an agreement but the older one was really picking on him at first. It's a good thing you have your dog to protect this one.

  3. What a handsome good boy. They often get a bad rap but like with people depends on the rooster.

  4. He is just a beautiful boy! And...how did you ever come up with the name SPOT ?;>) xo Dana

  5. awww, I'm so glad Spot had his day in the sun.

  6. Your blog post today brought a :) Love how you care about your chickens...I think Pharoah is just being pharaoh!

  7. Lughing because I have never had a rooster that I would describe as sweet, secluded or humble!! I do have a barred rock that is almost 3 years old and I wonder each day, if today is the day he will become mean. He is a good boy, does his job and takes care of his girls. I hope to have him for awhile longer, but he is a rooster and you never know.....

  8. Aw, poor spot. I have 2 Plymouth Barred Rocks, both girls! Minnie, because she was so tiny and didn't look like she would make it through her first day, and Millie, her twin!

  9. Spot is very handsome! I have a barred rock rooster and they are so gorgeous. Mine is the head rooster, so he never gets picked on and his feathers are all perfect. His tail feathers are so long!

  10. Awww, what a nice rooster :) Thanks for sharing his pics with us!

  11. It must be so fun to have roosters - we had them when I was growing up. Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier, and for the lovely comment!