Sep 5, 2021

Sunday Chicken Day 2021 New Chickens

 Beautiful eggs in my Willie Nelson cap Johnny gave me

Carly gave me an egg collecting apron and it does come in handy but on this day I just walked out there without it. The cap came in handy! 

 This year we've been blessed with a few chickens, my sister hatched.  Well even though it was a half and half bunch that hatched.  It is still a blessing.  You may say what does that mean?  Half roosters and half pullets.  The odds are usually worse than that so thankful for the new four egg layers!

Since Sunday is chicken day I'm sharing them with you today.

Two hens back one is a Barred Rock, the other I have no idea but she has beautiful coloring in her feathers. They lay what one calls a brown egg and one of them lays a double-yolker quite frequently.

The two upfront the silver gray in color are Sapphire Oliver Eggers
They lay light green to light olive colored eggs, one of them most days is a double-yolker

Look at these two aren't they pretty?

Here they are enjoying the green grass and sunshine.
I've only recently let them out since they are real flighty.

This little lady has such a beautiful feather pattern

See what I mean?  She is beautiful.

Believe it or not, I've yet to name them.
That is a first for me
Maybe just maybe they'll have a long life.

Oh ok, I forgot I named the rooster 'Sparky'
He seems to like that name.

The other roosters I've not named
Two are huge Rhode Island Reds and the other seems mixed Barred Rock with a little Rhode Island Red.
They sure do like to crow!

Happy Sunday!



  1. Miss Chicken is beautiful. Looks like she has boa scarf around her neck. Name her “Fancy”.
    What do you do with the old chickens once they stop laying eggs?

    1. I like Fancy and think I will name her that, thanks!
      The retired bunch spend their days scratching eating and sunning. I call them the retirement village lol. My grandpa probably never kept his on the farm. I think they may have been very tough in the pot birds. I just can't do that so mine have a slower life to enjoy.