Apr 27, 2019

Our New Homestead Coop

We just added another little hobby chicken coop to our pen.  We have a variety of chickens and age groups here at Hibiscus House.  The Ole Folk Chickens are dwindling in numbers.  We love them and have had them for years.  They spend most of their days free ranging, eating, and resting.  The One year old pullets in the pen with the Red Barn Coop and this newer batch about two months old in this Homestead Coop.

Predators have had a field day recently.  We've said good bye to Pumpkin, and several others.  Gaston has become injured and is enjoying his life out in the soft grass in his days.  He has done his job well, but age and injury are taking a toll on him.

Cora Lee and Pat the Hammer, two of our oldest, are still laying but enjoying the free range life now as well.  You have to keep replenishing to keep a steady supply of chickens for the wonderful eggs.  Today"s Chicken Talk is about our new inexpensive coop from Tractor Supply.

The newest chickens are very happy in their home

I do like the many openings in this coop and run.  It allows for easy access to things.  Even the little window pictured above opens and has wire covering to prevent escape of chickens.  Then the door it is in opens for full access to the inside.  I paid $199 plus shipping $49 flat rate and tax of course not an expensive project.

  • Go HERE Tractor Supply to see photos and a video as to how to build this Innovation Pet Chicken Homestead Coop 222-87.
  • These little coops are only going to last you a short while, keep that in mind.  This is new so we'll see how long it does last.  I've ordered some in the past from other companies that were only guaranteed to last for a year and they are now being trashed 9 years later, so not bad odds. 
  • We don't have a truck so I ordered this online and had it delivered by an 18 wheeler. You must have access to get the kit up to your home if your driveway isn't accessible to the big trucks.  
  • Be sure to check your box, yes only one huge box, is in good shape and product looks to be as well.
  • Open carefully, layout all of your pieces and check to see if you have all.
  • You also might as well keep in mind that your kit may not have all of the holes and dowels lined up to fit properly.  Mine even has one of it's openings closed nailed shut upside down, (ugh). This will make for less stress when you are tackling this simple, yet aggravating problem.  You can always work around something like that if you have too and you very well may have too.  We did.

  • I have to say this coop has pretty detailed instructions, which helps a lot.  Our red barn coop did not have the parts labeled and the instructions were definitely lacking.  This one is better, parts are stamped with numbers/letters.
  • You could do it yourself but I was glad to have Chuck help, especially with the heavy roofing.
  • When all is added it does seem to be sturdier than I thought it would be.

Sharing a Few Pictures

There is plenty of room for the small chickens to play and move
Some are just beginning to feather out so this gives warmth and safety
Later they will be able to have outside access

There are openings on this end for easy access

The ramp here the door above can be opened or closed
This side of the coop is closed in with no openings

This back view shows the drop down door for easy egg collecting access
The above window can be open for venting or closed in colder months

Brainiac and Little One checking out the new coop

  • They both can get inside, may have to stoop a little
  • The side door with window is completely open
  • You can see how easy it would be to access anything inside
  • The handle pictured is for the slide out tray
  • That makes for easy cleaning
  • This side has two doors run area
  • One upper and one lower
  • *I see one white spot where the paint was not added enough, it may need repainting for longer life.*
  • I'm really enjoying all of the openings in this coop/run

My Review
I like it and it will serve the purpose for us
It is sturdier than it first seems
Would I purchase again?  Yes, I would

Have a great weekend!
I'll share what chicks are being added as we speak to this coop


  1. I love how much you love your chickens and what good care you take of them---from young to old and injured. It is sad that some have succumbed to predators-but that is part of the life cycle, I guess.
    Have a blessed wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

    1. Oh, Diana you are such a sweet friend! You're right, it is the life cycle. Hey, if that didn't happen I'd have more chickens than I'd know what to do with! You know that chicken raising is not something I planned to do! A small hen or two over the years has turned into a passion. Who knew? The girls want a Llama and goats. I would love a white fenced field, nice horse barn, with horses, Bethlehem donkey, sheep as well. Oh, yeah I'm dreaming. In my dream I'd also have farm hands to take care of them while I sit on porch, enjoy the scenery and ride the horses! Good dreams!
      I too wish for a blessed wonderful Sunday to you! xoxo Dolly