Oct 25, 2023

Save Money Make Your Own Coffee Pods For Single-Serve

Coffee is a subject that some can talk about for hours on end.  Some have a favorite others just drink whatever and carry on.  A year or so ago, I switched from the drip coffee maker on my countertop to the Keurig.  We also have a percolator for Chuck's use.  He can drink a pot of coffee in no time.

Today's post is about coffee making and saving money while doing it.  Doing things yourself most always requires a little extra work.  The savings can add up if you spend a little time doing it yourself.

I'm married to a cop so you know he loves a lot of coffee! I laugh because he still likes the old-style percolator.  He's been through more than one of these pots. I hope this one lasts for a while because he will be heartbroken if they quit making them.

Visit Nifty Solutions for the coffee pod drawers & storage
I enjoy mine shown above.  It pulls out from underneath the cabinets for easy access.

I keep the other Cuisinart drip there for times when more is needed.  It has a single-serve hot water we love for hot chocolate.

We do have a favorite brand of coffee and that is Krispy Kreme.  Chuck over the years formed a love of this from the doughnut shop in our city.  If you have yet to have the pleasure of having a Krispy Kreme glazed donut then do yourself a favor and try one. The coffee is delicious too!

If your favorite coffee can be found ground then you can use it in one of these pods.

The magenta-colored filter pods are what I use now to make my coffee in the Keurig.  I like them.
*Check to see if they fit your coffee maker before buying.*

Perfect Pods

You can find these Perfect Pods on Amazon.  You don't have to use a filter they say, but I like to use the filters to keep them cleaner. They're refillable and I've yet to have to throw any away in over two years.

I've purchased these with the scoop in the past when on sale at Amazon
The scoop works well!

Disposable Coffee Filters

I've been using these for over two years and they've been great. You can find these here at Amazon. Check to see if they would fit your particular Keurig.

Another disposable paper filter with a lid is shown below.
Perfect Pod EZ-Cup filters with lids

These can be found at Amazon as well here.  These filters have lids and I've yet to use them.  I can't wait because the lids should help keep the filter even cleaner. I'll let you know how they are when I use them.

Price check to save money

Click the links provided for the items listed.

I am considering this post a Product Review: My conclusion is Excellent I like them and use them!

I Recommend!
Be sure to see if your coffee maker can use these particular items, and if not search for yours for savings.

Full disclosure I am no longer an Amazon Affiliate by choice. The links provided do not make any money for me. I am only sharing what I've purchased and how they work for me.

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