Nov 15, 2023

Making Ghee


Hi All!  I've been stocking up on butter.  The price increases can be seen weekly!  It's pretty sad and promotes more frugal shopping habits. So when on sale you want and need to stock up for the savings.

When the fridge and freezer are full of butter and you need to store more Ghee is an excellent way to do that.  It needs no refrigeration and is shelf stable so it can be stored at room temperature. 

A very useful way to use as an oil or seasoning in cooking.  Today's post is all about Ghee made in two ways.

I've heard of it, but I've never made it until recently.  Have you ever made it? I really like that it can be used at higher temperatures when cooking.  The flavor is much richer. The milk solids and water are removed when cooking the butter down to make the ghee.  

I made Ghee in two ways on top of the stove and in the oven.  Both ways make a beautiful product.

I cooked my first batch in the pot shown above on the stove using The video below for directions.
Pam actually has two Ghee videos you can check them out below.

RoseRed Homestead That "Woman with a Gadget"

Making Ghee

RoseRed Homestead That "Woman with a Gadget"

How to Make Ghee

There is no danger of botulism because once the milk solids are removed it is 100% fat. Botulism doesn't grow in fat. So be sure to cook down and remove from all the milk solids.

The butter is in a heavy pot and has melted. It is starting to foam on the stovetop. I neglected to get pictures of the entire process, but you can see it in the videos shared Cooking on top of stove. The white foam is the milk solids boiling. Be sure to watch the videos for the entire method of making Ghee.

One pound of butter makes about 2 cups of ghee. Two pounds of butter makes about 4 cups or so of ghee. Pam put hers into little 8 oz jelly canning jars for storage. I used pints on this day.

My pot is a little different than Pam's in the video  
You can find her Maslin Pan at Amazon in the RoseRed Homestead shop.

I then decided to make ghee in the oven like Stacy of Doug and Stacy.  She shows an easy method in the video below.

I put the butter into a Pyrex baking dish for baking

Off Grid with Doug and Stacy

Easiest Way to Make Ghee at Home

One pound of butter makes about 2 cups of ghee, 

Two pounds of butter makes about 4 cups or so of ghee

Evidently, it is pound per pound

Lettuce I've grown and cut, fresh flowers cut before the frost & ghee just made

I've used most of the smallest jar for seasoning and the flavor is so much more intense than plain butter alone.  Don't get me wrong we do love butter around here and will use it always when available. But Ghee is an addition to this household now. It has so many uses

I did read that if a recipe calls for 1 cup of oil you can use the same amount of 1 cup melted ghee in the recipe.

I've got to figure out how much to use in place of whole butter for flavor and the texture of things.  Slowly I'm learning how to season with it.  It is much more concentrated and flavorful so you can use less for that purpose.

  • Healthier than processed vegetable oils
  • Seasoning vegetables and popcorn
  • A replacement for oil when needed
  • Frying at high temps
  • Baking
  • Moisturizer
  • Hair Mask
  • Paste for Burns & Wound Care: Equal amounts of Ghee & Water 
  • Lactose-Free for those lactose intolerant and those with dairy allergies or sensitivities to 

Make some Ghee today

I am getting ready to make and store more when the butter goes on sale again!

Grandma would have her own homemade churned butter for hers

I don't have a cow but will use the next best thing

The video below reminds me of how my grandma did things

Living Traditions Homestead

Sarah takes you from start to finish
From milking the cow to making butter to making Ghee

Until Next Time


  1. Great to know this. I too see the prices going up and we have made cut backs on building our new chicken coop. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you! I'm sorry for the cut backs on the coop. We're all cutting back for sure. Hang in there hope you get the coop you want. I'm sure the chickens will love whatever you build.