Apr 21, 2018

Lifestyle Choices and Saving Money

Money, a huge topic.  Are you a spendthrift?  Do you actually think about how much you spend for things?  Are you thrifty? Are you a saver of money or are you frugal?  Who knows what the future holds?  What would we have done earlier if we'd only thought about it?  Talking about things like that today.....

Am I an expert in saving? No!  Do I have a huge knowledge in investing?  No!  I don't claim to have any, but will share what I do know just in living and the choices made.  Doing so without telling all of course.

I think we all have a tendency to spend money a little frivolously from time to time.  Unless we are independently wealthy, it doesn't happen all the time.  At least it doesn't without consequences of course.

We all know some who spend as if there is no tomorrow, and then the inevitable happens.  Tomorrow comes and they need help.  The thought never crossed their mind, because they were living for the day only.

Down and Out after spending without thought

I've known people that had only one thing on their mind and it was money!  They would Dwell over, Worry, Hoard money, and wouldn't spend a dime unless it was an absolute necessity or no other way out.  In fact I had a few in the family tree (not saying whether it was in-laws) I won't tell.  Anyway they almost made it seem that money was something to hold onto with tightfisted hands for life. Money was almost an idol to some of them.

There is such a thing as being too much of a Tight Wad!
 It is a known fact "You can't take it with you when you die." 

Some people seem to have it all together, I wonder did they when younger think of how it would be when they grew older?  It takes some thought and planning to make life a little easier in the long run.

Young people one important thing you should know and that is SAVE!  Save now while you are young so when you are older you will have a less stressful life, you can't or won't work forever!  Save some money for a rainy day, and believe me there will be rainy days!

You have a job and they offer matching in a saving plan of any kind like a 401K, then by all means invest all matching funds.  You won't miss it, I promise.  

You only make a little money then, I say to you SAVE a little each pay day.  Really if it is only $5 save it in savings account, heck I don't know save it in a coffee can. (just don't tell all where that coffee can is.)  You keep your paws out of the coffee can as well!  (lol)

I said earlier young people but it should read people in general should SAVE!  It's never too late!

You already know that life choices we make not only affect us but others around us as well.  Think about that statement, really think about it.  Each of us determine the direction our lives will take us by the choices we make

Along the way others are involved as well.  There is something to be said about learning from our mistakes.  That is how we learn sometimes.  Can we change things?  Not all things, but we can change what isn't, or hasn't worked in the past that is for sure.  It is a live and learn kind of thing.

There are times in your life when circumstances and events happen that you have no control over.  You then have to decide to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and Move On.  Think of it as a new adventure.

So you gave up lots of money, prestige, and a lot of unhappiness, just move on and forget about it!  Keep a level head and start anew.

A friend, Bill once told me, "Think about it Dolly, because most people don't." When you marry, you not only get the spouse you gain the entire family like it or NOT."  There is some truth to that one...


  • You are grown move out now you are in charge of your care.  Home and all the expense that comes with it.
  • You go to work there are expenses with that.
  • You marry then a new life begins along with a whole lot of expense
  • You have children and talk about expense! Babies needs are important
  • Children grow up and graduate...expense 

  • College to pay for...and let's just face it a parent is always a parent.  It is great when they get out on their own but we mother's/father's always want to be there.  (I found it hard to let go and as the years go by am giving them their adulthood.)...but I'm always here...
  • Empty nest and you think you have it made! ( I still cry when my grown children leave here to go home.) Yeah, right think again...still expenses and you find it didn't cost that much having the kids at home, like you thought it did...hmmmm scratching your head..Your house is still the same size, your electric bill still the same..water bill if you have one still the same...Now you should be saving on the grocery bill some...
  • Grandkids come and there you go!  Oh boy, new little creations that are just so precious that you can spoil, buy for, play with,,....and then send them back home with mom & dad...
  • Some sad things happen your parents are getting older and maybe sick.  This one takes a toll on the heart and if you are working a public job it may become impossible to continue on if they need you.
  • You retire, you work harder enjoying it more most times but the money isn't what it used to be.
  • Your hubby retires and your income really becomes less.  Plus he is in your house...(notice I said your house..lol) in the way and by gosh HUNGRY as a bear all the time!  Talk about expense! (and weight gain!)...I've gained more than I like with him home....love him, need to find him something to do...
  • Then the unthinkable thing happens your MIL has Alzheimer's Disease..That is another story in itself.....I won't continue with that let's just say talk about expensive!!! Not something she or we expected...so one of the circumstances we find ourselves in that is very costly.



Am I frugal?  Maybe  at times somewhat.
I have my times of spending but they aren't very often.
That is the secret to balanced spending!

You want to have some for shopping 
Don't you?

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