Jan 4, 2017

We Have a New Roof!

Hurricane Matthew left a path of destruction behind especially in some areas.  We weren't in the worst area for sure but it did leave some damage.  We now have a new roof and I wanted to show it to you. I know we're excited about a roof!  Drum roll please!

We might not have planned this now but due to Hurricane Matthew we had to replace the roof a lot sooner. You know just one of those things.  It was extremely hard to get the contractors and roofers out because South Carolina was really effected by this storm.  Most were just too busy. Lots of trees down to this day.  I see new roofs that have been replaced or are being replaced.

We found an excellent roofer and are so glad to have that part of the construction done!  We are using Crescent Construction from Columbia, S. C. Henry Branham is overseeing our work.  We are very pleased with the roof.

The original roof had traditional shingles in a color called Black Shadow.  Grey in color to me.  They fade in time especially where the sun shines down the brightest and hottest.

The new roof has architectural shingles in a color called Charcoal.  We really like the new darker color and type of shingle.  Hibiscus House has a more formal appearance now with the black and white.

We debated putting a tin roof on the house and a friend who does that type of roofing came out fairly quickly. We thought that would look really good on the house, especially the way it sits far back from the road.  I couldn't decide on a color and was torn between red, green, or black. I still think the tin roof would look great but after much thought we decided to go with the architectural. The Architectural Shingles are  simple yet beautiful!

What is that I see?
Look at that view folks!
Our place reminds me of my grandparents' with the long dirt road

A Huge truck with our shingles!

Expect a little of this

And a little of that.

I've been a witness to two house buildings and some roof repairs but this was less mess than I've ever seen. It was contained really well. They did a great job and when it was done I personally found one roofing nail on the back porch.  

They worked in extremely cold, windy and wet weather.  I'm telling you this crew worked nonstop with the exception of a 15 minute lunch break.  It was well into dark and they were cleaning up then. I was amazed at only finding one roofing nail.

Henry Branham, the Construction Manager came and inspected their work then when it was over he came and brought the "Magnet Thingie" to use all over the yard.  He found things from the building of the house years ago and rusty nails older than that.  He found only two of his that were attached to the house and used to hold the tarp up.  It was too dark for those men to have seen them. They truly did a great job!  

He brought with him a man named Earl Cunningham, he is the painter.  I'll continue with posts later as to the painting, that is going on inside now.

Chuck taking a look

This young man was a joy always smiling and working constantly!

I took this pic a few days later and will probably take more later after the shingles lay completely down as planned.

I like it!  Painting now inside to correct the damage.  I know we'll be so glad when finished but getting there at Christmas time is quiet shall we say unnerving.  I know the workmen have to deal with lots when working on a home where people live as well.

I picked out the paint colors a hard thing to do when pushed for time. The girls wanted me to use some color this time.  I looked and decided to stay with white walls as usual, a creamier white but still white.

In our older home I had vivid colors in every room.  The girls grew up at the time with a color wheel and I loved it too.  Since this house is a downsized version of my older home I chose white rooms with high ceilings to make the space seem more livable and larger.

I love too many colors when decorating so white is just an easier, safer way for me to go.  I'll share the inside soon. Well, sections of it at the time, because it will take time to find my things and put back in order. (if I do that may replace a lot).  You know one thing leads to another.

Hibiscus House will also be getting some repair outside on the siding and a fresh coat of paint!  I can't wait!

Didn't expect this but am grateful that it wasn't worse.  Praying for those that suffered far greater damage and loss.

Sharing the construction company for those in South Carolina

South Carolina's #1 Roofer
(803) 781-1900

Henry Branham
Construction Manager
(803) 460-6001

Henry was so helpful and I told him that he was a Godsend because he definitely was and is.  

When something like this happens and you are dealing with many professionals it can become very distressing. Insurance companies, no matter how good can leave you scratching your head in bewilderment.  There are so many stipulations as to what and how they will pay until that only adds to the stress.  Contractors, roofers, painters I don't think I even have to discuss this with any that have built or repaired their home.  I'll just say stressful.

I want to thank Mr. Branham and Crescent Construction for the work done and the work they are continuing to do for us!

Do I recommend?  Yes I do!
Highly Recommend!

Now you leave Henry alone until my job is finished, ya hear?
All joking aside I'm glad Carly told me about him/them!
Very nice, hard working, and conscientious gentleman.
Oh and both of our South Carolina Teams are represented Gamecocks and Tigers
Crescent is the Official Roofer of The Gamecocks
Henry is a Clemson Alumni.
Give him a call and tell him Dolly sent you!

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  1. Oh wonderful to have a new hat for the house! The darker color really goes great! I really like it!

    1. As usual you have me smiling Ginger Dawn! Thank you so much!

  2. It looks really, really great, Dolly! I like the darker color and can't believe those guys only left one nail (you found left behind). I would have found it with my foot or a tire because that is what happens to me. lol
    Hope you have a great rest of the week, Dolly. Can't wait to see the inside- I am a white/cream colored walls kind of gal, too. I'll put my color in with accessories, pillows, etc. xo Diana

    1. Thank you so much Diana! I know they did a great job and I like you usually get one of those roofing nails in the foot. Catie got one in hers at our old home man that thing was hard to pull out.
      I knew you like me like the soft walls so we can use all of our things we've collected! Always you bring a smile to my face! xo Dolly

  3. It looks wonderful. The architectural shingles are a popular choice and will serve you well. I can tell you that a reputable roofing company will take the time to tarp the house before the tear off and will check for nails on the ground after they are finished. You picked a top notch crew.

    1. Thank you Kim! I really was blessed with finding them. They had to travel but I'm so glad they did work this far out! You just brightened my day!

  4. What a beautiful home! Love where you are going with this project. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Cheryl SchurlknightApril 25, 2017 at 12:52 PM

    I also love the darker color on your house. Looks great. Can't go wrong with architectural shingles and it looks as though they knew what they were doing so as not to have the appearance of a hole caving in on the roof from crooked shingles.

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      The company is excellent and I'm glad we were able to get them. They are constantly busy. I don't know of holes you speak of from crooked shingles but no this is an excellent job! Thanks!

  6. OMG, what a difference a new roof made for your house. It almost look like a different house. I love it! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much Ivory! You've made my day! I like it better too.