Jan 7, 2017

Cleaning Out Clearing Out!

Fabric Cabinet

When one reaches my age (I sound like my grandma) and is a sentimental pack-rat a huge amount of "stuff" has been collected. You know the sentimental, the extra for when you need it. So and so gave me this it would be rude to part with it, (you know I've only had it 10 years!). That kind of stuff. What to do what to do?

It only takes a hurricane to come through and an entire leaky roof to make one exhausted moving this "stuff", let me tell you! When you have more than one room involved it is as if a cyclone blew their contents into the hallway! All I need to make an episode of Hoarders is a dead cat and food everywhere at this point!

Clothes in the bathroom, need a new shower rod now.

These have to be somewhere and this is a mini sampling the rest are in Catie's old bedroom laying across her bed and I've filled her closet up!  The painters are painting walls and ceilings in my closet so all had to be moved out of course. I dream for the day when it is finished but I will be getting rid of many more clothing items as I did last year.  I purged so many new dresses etc last year with tags still on them that I wish I were getting them donated to me!  I donated a ton. Purging more before I refill my newly painted closet.  But that's another post.  I'll show before damage and after later.
Back on topic:

Thinking This Through.....
How did it happen?........

I shouldn't forget the "Creative Interests" which take hold of me and at any given time I will collect enough supplies to last 20 people a lifetime; but oh, I may need this and that to make this and that. Before long you turn around and realize these things:

Oh my gosh:

  • I can paint have enough paint and canvas to paint a year without stopping, 
  • Card making: I could give Hallmark a run for their money, 
  • Fabric I could open a fabric store.  (granted my favorite fabric store closed last year,)  but still I don't need this much fabric.  
  • Clay:  I could hold a class of 100 and each could have a 1 Lb box to create something. 
  • Cake Decorating: I can't forget about the cake baking I have enough Wilton pans, tips, bags, kits, food pastes and colors to open a bakery. That stuff isn't up here though it is stored in the kitchen closet.
  • WWII information and books used in my research.
  • A box full of paperwork from a case I was working on. Decisions, decisions, keep, store or shred?
This is just a sampling of things I save because I am a records keeper.  In fact I keep too many records and that in itself can hinder what you are looking for. I must remedy that as well.

Clay and other supplies!

What am I going to do with "little Dolly"?
The mannequin has stood without use for far too long.
Must get to work.

Things are still out of place the painters have to come back and touch up spots in this room!
This tall fabric is from a friend I made draperies for.
She didn't want the remainder, so of course I did!  Oh the things I could line with this fabulous piece of fabric!  
(see what I mean?)

He and they have to be kept in a temperature controlled room
What to do what to do?
I need to find a spot to display these characters.

I mean look at this face!
He is a scary character with a warm heart I believe, in fact a lady from The American Folk Art in New York wanted him.
She told me that my work was a fine example of true Folk Art.
I should have sold him but didn't feel he was good enough
(yes I know crazy huh?)
I made him years ago!

Today's post is about having way too much "stuff" to ever use.  I could never use this much in a lifetime.  I'm downsizing.

Today I'm seriously planning to purge my entire home of the unneeded items.  I've already started in this craft/extra bedroom!

What's that you say?  You can't believe it!  Frankly I can't either!

Just because it took a hurricane by the name of Matthew to make me stop and think twice about the amount of supplies I have "hoarded" over time, doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about it.  (yeah right thinking is as far as I've gotten)!
Until now that is!

Cabinet I bought from She Magazine 
I need to paint the bottom shelf

Alright every night I go behind the painters wiping up paint spots and some paint film that collects when a home is being painted.  Especially when the painting covers virtually the entire home. They are pretty good painters mind you, but they don't see what I am used to seeing and how it should look.  It is easier for me to see and they are hard workers.

This particular night the wall behind the fabric cabinet had dried and it has been moved back in.  I had to remove all of the fabric for them to even move it for painting.  It is an extremely heavy piece!

There I've moved some fabric back into the cabinet.  
It has to be straightened better, but it will have to wait.
There is just too much out of place in the home.
I'll get back to it later.

Hooray!  The doors closed on the cabinet!

Looks really nice
I have to sew
The machine is calling me!

What's this?

Oh gosh, another basket of fabric in the bathroom and another in the hall! This is a predicament!
How did all of this fit into the cabinet before? Tomorrow's another day!  That's right I'll think about that tomorrow!

I have one shelf left after it is painted!  I will downsize these baskets of fabric as well.  Streamline all of the crafting supplies that is what I want and need to do.

I feel like the secret may be to work at it daily for an allotted amount of time and then quit, so I won't be so overwhelmed and just quit.

I'm going to do it, working on it now.  This was a start and have gotten rid of about 5 trash bags full of useless stuff. I have separated the rest of the things into piles of course ready to donate, sell and discard.

I am streamlining every room in my house. It won't be to the frugal point yet but it will be more organized with less "stuff" in the way!

When the painters finish the inside of the home and venture to the outside I'll have more time and space to clean, clear and re-hang things such as mirrors, pictures, draperies and such!

I suggest if you have a surplus of anything that you think it through and don't wait for a hurricane to make the decision for you. It is a perfect time to clean up and out after taking down the Christmas Decorations!

Time for a fresh new year, new start!

It snowed a little here today so I thought I'd share a short video with you.
Have a nice rest of the weekend!


  1. OMG - I am in tears cuz I am laughing so hard. Bless your heart - I am amazed at all you have and truth be told - kind of jealous. LOL! I'm exactly the same, I have too much of everything and damn if I won't need something the minute I give it away. Love ya girl!

    1. Hey Kim!
      I laughing too...When I get back to sewing, then I will miss what I've gotten rid of for sure! I know you are like me you have wonderful items and things that you create from those...and you are so talented...so keep it up. I only hope that I'll make things with less and Then and only then go out and buy what I absolutely need. I can't wait to go through other collections and sell I see a vintage ETSY in my future as well. I love you too sweet friend!

  2. I had to do the same thing when we moved. I never would of thought I had that much stuff. I purged a lot of stuff during the move and after we moved into our new home. I am still finding things I need to let go of. I think it multiples while were not looking.

    1. Hey Michelle,
      I know you must have because in moving like I'm doing now the all of the home repairs you see it because you have to move it! Yep I agree I believe it does multiply! Seems like it. I think you and I both like a good sale and mostly like the fact that we have supplies on hand for whatever project we're working on. I know that I got carried away but hope to tone that down now.
      I know you are loving your new home! Have enjoyed keeping up with y'all and your move! Take care and stay warm!