Jan 9, 2017

Items Won and Joseph Joseph Product Review

I wanted to share these fabulous items with you that I was lucky enough to win from Joseph Joseph.

You may remember a post I'd done over at Dolly is Cooking three years ago about one of their Chopping Block Sets that I purchased.  I brought that review over to this website and you can read about it here.  The set I won is the Index Steel Set of 4 large colour-coded chopping boards with stainless-steel storage case located at Joseph Joseph here

My product review will give you some information about the product just in case you're interested in purchasing one. Look at this gorgeous one I won recently! It is very similar to the one I own. The tab coloring is one of the major differences.

My daughter, Catie recently got married so I gave the newest chopping block to her. It fits nicely in their new kitchen because it is compact. I asked her how she liked it and this is what she said, "I love that thing!  I use it everyday!"  I do believe she likes it. We use our Joseph Joseph chopping block almost daily around here as well.

We absolutely love the salad bowl!
Hands On Salad Bowl

This bowl is so very handy.  It holds a lot of salad and when you are ready to toss and serve the hands are there for easy use.  The fit onto the bowl and can be stored that way when washed and dried.  I love the convenience.

Hands On Salad Bowl not in stock now
I don't know if they will restock it but if you find one, I suggest you buy it!
Love it!

Turner Tongs located at Joseph Joseph here

These are different because they are as stated turner tongs.  They make it easy to turn foods that otherwise might be a little tricky with regular tongs.
I haven't used them extensively yet, but can tell you I really like them!
They store easily in a drawer or utensil crock.

Milly Salt & Pepper Grinders 
(pictured in top photo)

I like the compact size
Milly Salt & Pepper Grinders located at Joseph Joseph here
I haven't had the chance to use these at all but you can read all about the excellent reviews

Catcher Citrus reamer with pip catcher located at Joseph Joseph here

This little reamer is quite handy!
I really like it!
I have a lot reamer/juicers but this one just may be my favorite!

Flavouriser 4-in-1 tenderising and flavouring tool located at Joseph Joseph here

4-in-1 Flavoring Tool
Textured side for tenderizing
Flat side for flattening
Pestle Top for grinding
Citrus reamer end for juicing

How handy is that? I can tell you very handy! It is heavy weight but that is a plus! I really like this item for sure!  The weight makes for quick time in tenderizing, flattening, juicing, grinding!  It is an excellent kitchen tool!

I'll let you in on a secret I also was using it to pop the head of my mixer back on tightly. I still have the KitchenAid and it has had quite a busy life, but Chuck with Carly's help found and bought a new KitchenAid Mixer for my birthday! I am having to get used to that powerful motor and the lift bowl but it also works quickly. So this tool is retired from bopping the mixer head back on. I have placed the old KitchenAid Mixer in the kitchen appliance retirement home, as for the 4 in 1 flavoring tool it is hard at work doing what it was meant to do and doing very well!

I've yet to find a Joseph Joseph product that I don't enjoy using and regularly too!


Disclosure:  I won these products but was not asked to review.  I've done the product review on my own because from time to time if I really like a product I do review. The opinions are my own as usual.


  1. What a great product to give as a gift to your sweet Keri . And a gift to yourself too! I am loving that hands on salad bowl. Very cool products!

  2. I have never seen or used their products, Dolly, but it looks like some good ones there. I really like the salad bowl with the 'hands' in it. What a neat concept. Hope you have a good night. Our town is shut down tonight with the snow and freezing rain. ugh- xo Diana

    1. I do like their products. Oh my snow and freezing rain. I can't stand the freezing rain and ice. Stay safe Diana and I'll just continue on being lazy. I've been so lazy today. I know what lies ahead of me when they finish this house painting. Stay safe sweet friend. xoxo