Oct 1, 2016

Have Your New Mattress Made Especially For You!

Today I'm talking about mattresses.  You know the not much talked about item in your home that can make or break a night or day.  This was a fun purchase but one that took some decisions on the part of the people who are to sleep in this bed.  Yes we are two very different individuals when it comes to what we like to sleep on. Join me today for our new mattress and how we ordered it!

I'll share a little secret with you Chuck kept saying of a mattress I had purchased when we built this home it was just way too soft for him.  Oh how he missed his hard as a rock extra firm mattress. Guess you could say I must have ignored him for a few years.  Yes, I did.  So one day I decided that I would stop this and give him back his old 'dang rock hard' mattress.  We slept on that sucker for two nights and he said, " I can't take this another night, it's just too hard"! Oh my gosh how I thought "Yes"!  I should have done this years ago!  You did know that after a few years you are supposed to throw out your mattress and buy another?  Well, I truthfully had not given it a thought until now! So off to find a new mattress we could both agree on....(easier said than done).  I think, at least I hope we made the right choice for us.  I'll let you know!

I didn't mean to make you think that you can get a specially made mattress with different comfort zones in this mattress. You can however choose from what they do make. Well let me explain below:
1.  I purchased it from Sam's Club so you need to be a member there.
2.  I purchased it online at Samsclub.com
3.  Select the mattress that interests you
4.  Order
5.  Be patient, they will be making your mattress at the factory especially for you. It may take 2 - 3 weeks or longer.
6.  You will  receive an email and a phone call from the Company and the Delivery Company. They give you a timeline and later will call again to set up a 2 hr timeline for delivery on a day that is convenient for you.
**(I had no problems they were very courteous and helpful in setting up a day and time for us. Some of the reviewers had problems.  We had none)!**
They will then call again the day before and also 30 minutes before delivery.
**(The only problem we had was with another company that was arranging shipment with the delivery company, they kept saying the wrong town so I had to call them to fix and then again when I spoke with delivery company make sure they changed to correct town. easy enough to fix).**
7.  Prepare for the delivery of your new mattress.  It will arrive on a fairly big delivery truck a little longer than a huge UPS truck but nowhere near as huge as a semi.
8.  They will bring in the new unwrap and place your mattress.  They will remove and take out your old mattress.
Now how easy is that?  The hardest part we had was deciding on the type mattress as I said we have two different sleeping comforts that we like.  It is new we just received it so I will update later as to the comfort.

You know we live simply out here and that's how we like it so this isn't an expensive mattress.  We chose the Torrington and you can see it at Sam's Club.  

If you're in the market for a new mattress that will be made when you order at the factory and then delivered to you, one that hasn't been sitting in a stockroom for months on end, one you don't have to go pickup.  Yes, free shipping set up and removal of old mattress!  You'll enjoy this system.

Now to get some much needed sleep! 
I'll update you as to how well this works for us at a later date (if I forget you can ask me).

Happy Sleeping
** Disclosure No I wasn't given this mattress we purchased and as always my opinions are just that my own.


  1. Huh! I never knew this! Thank you! And am in the market for a new mattress. Since I am menopausal, live in a a semi arid climate, I am always hot and was thinking of an organic mattress. Will check Sam's out! Anything for a decent nights sleep!

    1. Hi Naomie, My husband is very hot and didn't want me to get the memory foam, which I like but know it is warm. The reason we ordered one without it. I hope you can find a mattress for a good night's sleep for sure. I haven't forgotten the not long ago menopausal symptoms myself so I do hope you find one comfortable for you.