Oct 17, 2016

South Carolina Strong!

some photos for the collage credit Nikki Haley Facebook

Hello out there!  I say that because we here in South Carolina have been through quite a time recently with the weather. Hurricane Matthew came slow rolling on through with lots and lots of rain. I'm glad it is over! 
We're so blessed that we tend to take so much for granted. Times like this remind us of what is most important. Praying for others that are still having such troubles in other states and Haiti as well.  
Join me as I talk a little about our experience and how proud I am of our home state.

I want to say how blessed we are in the state of South Carolina to have such strong leadership! Our governor is a true example of what it means to be a "Leader".  She is always first to have been behind the scenes preparing for and quickly getting the information out to us. She and her staff which are excellent it seems are ready for anything. She goes about business and everything falls into place works like clockwork, things are managed, solved and run smoothly under her leadership.  Thank you Governor Haley and staff! 

You know I have to talk about one person that with his personality helped make this storm more fun and bearable.  Jason Hurdich, Certified Deaf Interpreter. I'll just quote the Governor here:

"We would like to thank Jason Hurdich, Certified Deaf Interpreter! He has been a rock star, working overtime as our sign language interpreter, throughout the past week helping us make sure every South Carolinian has the critical safety information they need, all while developing a fan base of his own.  You have made South Carolina proud!"

Whew! It has been one busy time around here! Hurricane Prep, Hurricane, Damage Control, Clean Up After, Moving my daughter into a new place! Oh and she also went and got married!  

How are you?  I hope well.  This is just a quick post to update and for memories later.  I remember great grandparents, grandparents sitting on their porches rocking and telling of the storms that came through in their lifetimes, hurricanes, tornadoes, even sand storms that came through South Carolina. The one until now that has stuck in my mind was Hurricane Hugo!  What a storm that was the winds were higher in that one for sure but with Hurricane Matthew the rain was more, the flooding was more for us at least.

You may remember the post I did recently called Traditions:  You're Not Going To Make Me Wash In That Tin Tub! 

Being without power recently in the storm made it seem even more relevant.  Yes we had water in the tubs, sinks, pots, pitchers, buckets etc.  We are on well water here so when the power goes out we have none. You have to store some for use in washing, drinking, and shhhhhh flushing the toilet.  

I sent Chuck to just buy frivolous prepackaged snacks and things that I don't buy much anymore. I'm glad we got them, because without power a juice and bag of chips or cookies comes in handy especially when you see your loved ones come in after a big storm!  It was a joy to see their faces all of them when they were able to get out safely and drive here.  

What did Chuck and I do?  We prayed and had faith all would be well. What else can one do? Have faith and wait it out. This is one thing you can prepare for but you never know the outcome.

We were busy right before the storm and during putting every pot we own under drips, the ceiling where the fan is attached was pouring and spattering out from the fan blades we had a "Water Park" in one of the bedrooms! Let's just say everything was and still is in disarray from the leaks. We have an empty bedroom to repair.

Chuck taught me to play poker!  Yes, I played poker with him in candlelight.  Oh I almost forgot to tell you he has lots of Glow Sticks and they came in handy as night lights. When we tired of poker we each played solitaire in the same room. I guess that was our alone time. (I'm laughing). We did enjoy each other.

I cooked steak, salmon, smoked sausage and plenty of fresh veggies that were going to go bad in the fridge. We pulled out the iron frying pan and cooked bacon on the grill as well.

It was quiet out here for sure and a little eerie out at night looking out to see the neighbors dark as well. I have to say I'm so glad I bought the last phone set with a landline! It was a lifesaver well you know what I mean. Cell phones were acting up and they do out here anyway. It was hard to keep up with the kids, some at the beach and some close by but none in the house with us. A first for me.

The chickens and dog survived and in fact are thriving. We lost one extremely old Oak Tree I mean it is huge and was so beautiful. It didn't hit anything!  We lost about 4 more but they were small.  

We were blessed, most importantly we were unharmed, our family, friends, and neighbors were unharmed.  
We thank the good Lord first and foremost!  

We are all thankful for the first responders and that covers many, many involved! The electric company employees that have given so much and have worked many, many, long, wet, hungry, tired hours and some still are repairing our electricity! 

SCE&G (South Carolina Electric & Gas)Duke EnergySantee Cooper and all of our Electric Cooperatives 

Our Governor Nikki Haley in hard hit Marion County credit

In the aftermath:
Thanks to the Religious Organizations, the churches that have and are still gathering items and getting them to those in need! A special thanks to these who always, always give of their time, money and hearts without much thanks from others.  Thank You!

Praying for all!
Proud to be from a very Strong State filled with Good Strong People!

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