Nov 26, 2019

Lisa's Turkey Dressing Recipe and More!

  Lisa of Life Away From The Office Chair put her special recipe into a personal cookbook that she made a few years ago. 
  She has graciously agreed to share a family favorite, Turkey Dressing recipe that was handed down from her mother in law.  They top it off with lots of Giblet Gravy!
  They enjoy this at Thanksgiving and Christmas! Aren't those always the best?  I think these are the things that stay in our memories and all of the family keeps close to their heart!

   Now for the recipe....

   I love wonderful recipes and although I haven't made this yet, just by reading the ingredients, know it is a winner!
   Lisa's personal family cookbook cover is a beauty.  She has lots of talent and I couldn't leave this post without sharing some of it.

She used one of her paintings.  I love that!  You can read about her painting this on Paint Party 3.

 Lisa also is a RiceLoveBags advocate!  I had never heard of this, but what a wonderful program.
You can read more about it Here.
  For every item they make and sell 1 Kilo of rice is given to a family in need.
  How wonderful!

Thank you Lisa for sharing!
What a gifted person you are!

Happy Thanksgiving All!

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  1. That is the same recipe that I make and like my mother made before me. It really is good.

    1. Hi Marty!
      It is very similar to mine too!  I love this time of year.  
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family!  xoxo Dolly

  2. Wow. Thank you for the shout out! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

    1. Hi Lisa!
      Thank you so much for sharing with us!  Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family! xoxo Dolly