Sep 22, 2020

Fall Has Arrived!

It's here! You can feel it can't you? There is a nip in the air a cool crisp feeling!  The chickens are roosting earlier, the dog is bedding down earlier snuggling with the cat more and even the cat is out exploring earlier in the night in search of who knows what. While he is away the 'possum' will play and eat all of the food!

Speaking of food do you bake during warmer weather?  I do but my grandmothers didn't they would save most of their baking until cooler weather. Fall and Winter were the main baking times. It was probably because they didn't have central air conditioning and had to keep their homes cooler. I guess the cooler weather does make one want to bake for the warmth anyway. I felt like a chocolate cake the other day and it was good.

What are you up too in the cooler weather? Today I am sharing fall in photographs.

Snuggling to stay warm

This one enjoys their food when the grand-pets sleep or go 'catin around' at night.

Some are on the road to see the beauty up in the mountains!

Fall colors are pretty
My mama would be so proud that I now am enjoying the Fall Colors!

It is a good time to actually read a book
We'll be inside more and we might as well make the best of downtime

You can also use your creative energy at this time while inside like Roodoodles here
You may remember we did several posts here and another blog a few years back.

It's enough to make you hungry don't you think?

I'll leave you with this pretty wagon of pumpkins

I don't grow pumpkins but sure like them!

Guess this is a Fall Leaf Falling Preview because I need to go gather some bell peppers and tomatoes from the plants.  Yes, we are still getting them and almost the end of September!
I may fry some green tomatoes today....hmmm

Have a great Fall Day!


  1. It was fun to see all the fall pictures, Dolly. I love that last one of the wagon full of pumpkins. My grandboy planted pumpkins and gourds with his other granddad and so I came home to five several nice big pumpkins on my front porch. I love them!
    I love to bake year round but my mother always kicked off her big baking spree in Fall with a roaster pan full of apple cobbler. Oh! How I wish I could duplicate that recipe. I have tried several times but always failed.
    Have a wonderful night- xo Diana

    1. Hey Diana,
      Thank you! I love it too I'll bet the grandboy is excited about the pumpkins and he brought you some! Sweet! Food and loved ones tie together don't they?  I love it great memories! I'll bet your cobbler is delicious. Wish you had her recipe too. I wish I had so many more of my relative's great recipes but then again I guess we can just remember them for many things including what we loved so much about their cooking.
      xoxo Dolly

  2. I do not do a lot of baking in the Summer. I have used an air fryer almost every day though. During the Fall and Winter, I use my oven a lot. Something about Fall makes me want to make apple things. I am also a fan of warm soups and hot drinks during the cooler months.

    1. You make the most delicious looking things in your air fryer! I need one for sure. Yes, like you I too bake more in the cooler months.
      Good to hear from you the weather is getting cooler and I'm loving it just need to get out in it more. It is raining so much here. Enjoy your apple things this season does bring them to mind.