Jan 5, 2021

New Stove!


You may say what's the big deal about a new stove.  Well, I'll tell you when you've been without one for over three months and you're an avid cook it is a big announcement!  

I purchased online 'sight unseen' and that is a first for me ever!  Lots of research and then it just boiled down to what could be delivered within a year.  Yes, I said that a year!  We are in the middle of a pandemic and things are far from normal.  Businesses are having to adjust just like we are.  

CAFE Smart Slide-In Radiant Convection Range
Model CES700P4MW2
Matte White

I did decide to buy from Lowe's and it went pretty smooth.  They do offer the Military Discount at the time Home Depot did not. Granted I had to talk with someone to get it to come up online but eventually it did and saved us with the sale price at the time hundreds of dollars. ( I am frugal you know 😀).
Speaking of money I did decide not to go the very expensive route this time (been there done that). So if this thing doesn't last long it will be sad but at least the debt won't be hanging over my head.

This comes standard with Bronze finish knobs and handles but there are other finishes you may choose from  if you wish.  Granted in November those other choices were $199 now they sale for $499.  I'll keep my bronze for now. May change the cabinet knobs out not sure. You can see the variations at the CAFE Website

Was this my first choice?  No, not really but I did think it was very pretty. I had several in different carts from different businesses. Heck, I even paid for one but the price went up severely and wouldn't come until many months later.  Needless to say I canceled that order and continued in my search.  

My search led me to quite a few and I came to the conclusion that you have to pick one that has most of the functions that you would like. That is my best advice to give if you are in a search for anything large at this time.

Old Electrolux Stove

I know the OCD in me hated but eventually got used to the little white microwave overhead that didn't match the stove. I have to say it was a beautiful stove with so many features. Slow cooker, dehydrator, bread proof  three of the many functions I have missed.  Oh well, moving on!

I thought about having this thing repaired one more time but after the near fire decided against it.  Although I've had Ace Appliance out here recently to repair the dishwasher and clothes dryer.  

The delivery man from Lowe's did say, "Ma'am, I've never seen a stove like this in my life it is something else! He then said "This stove looks brand new why are you changing it out?" I told him that it was a money pit and had been repaired so many times and we didn't want to put anymore money into it.

I have no idea what they do with appliances they pick up from you but also told him if someone wanted a stove with great features and could keep it fixed they would have a good deal.  I told him that it was when working  fantastic the best I'd ever seen it just would not work long enough for me to enjoy all of the wonderful features. I'm one sentimental person and told it goodbye sadly.

New stove in the kitchen picture taken with my dying camera

All of the CAFE line have the copper nameplate on handles as seen above
The matte white range I chose comes with these Brushed Bronze handles and knobs
I am having to adjust to knobs again
I'm used to the touch panel

I look forward to adding a backsplash

This particular appliance has black sides which I thought I wouldn't like but you know what?
It is pleasing to the eye and disappears whereas white would stand out I do believe.
I like it!

I like the clean look
The racks are a bit tight for now we'll update later on more details 

I chose the single oven because I don't really like the double ovens personally.  I rarely used my other on last stove it was on the floor and just not very accessible.  This stove does come in a double oven with the smaller on top which would be but I wanted the larger oven so I chose single.

It also comes with an induction cooktop and I pondered that one a long time.  I really will most likely get one of those next time. 

I like that this oven has two ways to self-clean  the regular high heat and the steam cleaning method.  I will certainly update as to these features after using them.  I also like the bread proof and the temperature probe for roasting.  Those are two features I liked in my older stove and this one has them. I've yet to use them but will post later after use.

This range has a warming drawer and for once in my life I am going to use it for something other than storing pans.

The control panel
It takes a little getting used to but I really like it!
The signal sound is very pleasing as well!
I think you can adjust it not sure.  It is not very loud so pay attention to that.

Panel on left off    Panel on right in use

One as of yet very important downfall Watch yourself if you lean over to put something on the stove or stir a pot because if you touch the panel it pops up various menus.  So Be Sure to readjust if you've canceled anything or inadvertently turned something else on.


I really like that the stove eyes/elements are like my older Electrolux.  The right front is a power element and that makes it all the better!  That is one reason for my buying this model.  I wanted that in a new stove.

After the first use and not boiling anything over one of my elements stained immediately.  I don't like that and hope it is easy enough to clean. *(you can see my older range and it went out the door looking as great as it came into the door). This saddens me if it happens a lot I wont be happy  As with all issues I will let you know in a Product Review.

I have ribs in the oven now and creamer potatoes on top the stove now, fresh small green beans in the microwave, eggs sour cream butter are on counter warming for a pound cake to go in later!

UPDATE: I do not reccomend this stove.  It doesn't cook well boils on low at times. It does not bake well won't stay regulated, turns itself off if you open the door to check baking and at times will turn itself on! I just don't feel like calling out repairmen every week so have learned to deal around this monster's so called smart mind. 
Do Not Buy! 

Until Next Time


GE CAFE Website

Induction Range

As of now it can still be ordered and may arrive in February
Things just may be picking up and that's great!

Lowe's Website


  1. It's a beauty, Dolly. I got a slide-in Samsung last year and LOVE it! I have gas though as I have never learned to cook properly on electric. lol. Isn't it funny how much we appreciate things at our ages than we did when we were younger? I mean, a new stove now is party-worthy. lol.
    I hope you have a really great night- Happy Cooking!!!! xo Diana

    1. Thank you I think so too! You're right the excitement about a stove would be kind of hilarious but I'll tell you being without one for over 3 months in the middle of a pandemic makes one search for ways to feed the family. Yeah if younger I wouldn't have thought too much about it but at this time it was so important. Lol I like the party worthy thought! I can remember in my younger days hanging out with a group and one said "Hey Dolly lets go to your house and have a collard and fried chicken party.
      I said what? You want to do that? We had a house full of young people and fed them chicken collards and cornbread. We were all supposed to go out that night dancing, but all wanted to just stay in. Funny but true.
      xoxo Dolly

  2. Oh, Dolly! She is a beauty. I would be excited to have her! I do hate when it becomes time to buy new appliances before their time, haha. But it's good you were able to get something that you really wanted. I am sure you are feeling too be enjoying coming done really delicious food with her! And prayers for your friend. I hope he is doing better.
    Blessings, Susie

    1. Susie I have been so thrilled ever since that thing was delivered!  I think I'm getting the hang of it. It is such a blessing to cook on a stove again!  Thank you for the prayers and I know his family is thankful for them as well.
      He fought a hard battle but now is at peace. I know the family could use some more prayers right about now. 
      Bless you and thank you,