Aug 21, 2023

Our Wonderful Getaway!

The girls surprised me with a wonderful getaway. They found the most magnificent home located in the Historic Landmark District! Built in 1890 it was so luxurious! Imagine the original hardwood flooring and high ceilings! The marble flooring was beautiful as well!  It was like a step back in time for me. I loved everything about it and am excited to share it with you now!

It was the perfect spot, within walking distance of many interesting places. We were busy, but could only cover a portion of it. We'll have Something left to do when we return. I now call this our 'Home Away from Home'.

Some in Savannah call this dream home Chateau on Carlton.  Stories have been published on the home. I love history and the home was once a pharmacy and confectionery as told here.  

The Foyer

The staircases and the draperies were grand! You know they brought to my mind a Scarlett moment. Drapes to dress! The black and white marble floors were spectacular. I could definitely get used to living here!

The blooms were gorgeous and kept falling onto the girls' hair. I have to say it was a very magical time. We enjoyed the balconies when we could. If you peek in the left top photo above you can see the workers on the roof across the street. The construction limited our enjoyment of them.

Relaxing for a few minutes with my beautiful girls!

The home had many gorgeous fireplaces

Music anyone?

Can you believe it? The best kitchen ever and I did not cook one thing!  This was an actual vacation! I enjoyed not cooking.  Can you believe I said that?  Not me but I did!

Savannah Coffee Roasters had the most delicious coffee & pastries! 
A landmark established in 1909. We recommend!

We also enjoyed excellent seafood from The Savannah Seafood Shack

The Bedrooms

Look at the chandelier in this room


Cozy nook

I like the 'Sparkly' fireplace

Master Bedroom Suite

The bed was large and very comfortable. I enjoyed the tv stand at the foot of the bed. Like a kid, I raised it up and down for the fun of it (once or twice).

The master suite was simple, yet dark and comfortable. The veranda was right outside which was nice

The Master Bath

I named it the Hydrangea bath. The tub was extremely nice.  It was time to relax in a very inviting bath.  The huge shower wasn't shabby a bit either!  Very very nice. Two could shower in it probably three if need be! 

Google map view

I apologize for the length of this post.  Can you believe it was to originally cover the entire vacation?  I decided it would take more than one post.  Today's is about the fabulously huge three-story home in the heart of the historic district!  I could have gone on and on with more pictures of grand hallways, verandas, staircases, and furniture artwork, etc. Well, blame it all I had to stop sometime.

Can you keep a secret?  There is a whole other level that houses an apartment, offices, garage, and more. We didn't get to see those but can you imagine?

The next posts will cover our little sightseeing excursions, a trip to Paula Deen's, the River, and Tybee Island Beach! Whew!  It was hot let me tell you and we almost melted into the cement but still it was a fun trip!

We had a great time away that will never be forgotten. Thank you, girls! We're already planning to do this more often!
We really enjoyed this dream vacation!
Until Next Time!


  1. What a wonderful post and how very wonderful that your girls spirited you away for a vacation. You certainly deserve it! What a beautiful place....I would have been walking around with my mouth agape just taking everything in. Certainly a time with your girls to remember forever.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week, Dolly. Love ya- Diana

  2. WOW what a beautiful place! The food looks delicious and I want that tub!!!