Sep 1, 2023

Out and About in Savannah!

The girls and I are off sightseeing on our own
Are you ready?

We were dressed down, and the temps and humidity were almost unbearable
 Here We Go!
There are so many beautiful homes and parks,  I love all the trees hanging with moss lining the cobblestone walkways.

Lots of horse and buggy guided tours!

Simple yet majestic beauty, I say simple but these homes are mansions

We saw many historic homes all along our path.  
Beautiful pink home and Cobblestone

We walked down Jones Street, the iconic street where 
"Keeping up with the Joneses" became the familiar tagline. all about it here...

I'll bet you've seen this house before! It is the home featured in the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The Mercer Williams House MuseumI would like to go back and check out the Carriage House Shop behind the home. 

I'd forgotten that Clint Eastwood directed and produced the movie.


Years ago Randy and I visited the Bonaventure Cemetary to see Little Wendy The Bird Girl. The statute was made famous by the book by John Berendt and the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. It has since been moved to Telfair Museum of Art  and then on to Jepson Center for the Arts. Read more here if you like.

We went down to the river, to Tybee Island Beach, and to Paula Deen's. The weather was so extremely hot and humid that we were sweltering. But there is something very special about Savannah!  I love it!

Until Next Time

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