Mar 6, 2012

Retro: 1976 Greece

Standing in front of the Parthenon

Greece, what do I remember?

     I remember from the air so many beautiful buildings and the waters surrounding so very blue.  I remember music, food, dancing. It was the first time I had ever seen a lamb on a rotisserie outside motel which was in Glyfada Beach.  There was a festival going on and excitement in the air. The beach was beautiful, so pristine and very secluded.

     Our trip to Sounion was the most beautiful ride. The cliffs, the buildings the water...the columns...gorgeous.

     Athens even back then was a very busy place but so much fun.  We wanted to go where the people go not tourists and were successful in doing some of that. We went to a nightclub in Athens and had lots of fun.  We ate several places but I don't remember their names. One was a little more formal and all I can remember was the dancing and of course throwing of the dishes and goblets...I can hear the music now. (for those of you that know my love for dishes that was extremely hard to do...break a dish and goblet...against my grain...but fun).  We ate several places on the sidewalk and food was good but not at all like we have here.
     The Parthenon....breathless to be there. Souvenirs brought home were a flokata beautiful rug, and a sculpture I have and love to this day.  We had a great time walking at night and talking with the Greek fisherman at the docks.

What we saw flying into Greece


The Parthenon

Sounion, Greece

Sounion, Greece
The Temple of Poseidon
I do believe if memory serves me correctly

Glyfada Beach

Wonderful memories:  the history, the architecture, the sheer beauty, wonderful food, fun and dancing.
Love Greece!


  1. Oh this looks so gorgeous! I have not been to Greece however I have a friend that has summer home there....Thanks for sharing! Love the music!

  2. Love your pictures and music!

  3. Love these photos, the look and the scenery. Great shots!

  4. Hi Dolly!

    I am so glad you found my blog! Thank you for the wonderful comments. Your blogs are beautiful! I am going to have to take some time this week to go through them!


  5. How fun to travel with you Dolly! You are beautiful sister! My hubby spent some time in Greece as well. He too brought home lovely images and memories. I love your retro post!

  6. Dolly! Look at you, and in your photo on the right you look just the same. How fun that must have been.

  7. AnnaZed, Oh my thank you for that wonderful comment! It was so much fun. I hope to one day go to England and of course I want to go to Italy! Hope you are doing well, it is so good to hear from you!