Nov 5, 2012

Our Visit to the Ovis Hill Farm Festival

Look at those faces! 

Every year we go to a sheep farm that is separated from us by a strip of swamp land.  We all like the farm.  It is very beautiful! 

 Ovis Hill Farm Website
Click Here

We love the farm.  Charlie and Alice Caldwell own it and it is truly beautiful. They share the farm with the schools in our area, and it is a great learning experience for all. Children get to see where the wool comes from, see how butter is made, see how the bees make honey and see fresh produce, and of course farm fresh eggs.

Every year they have a Farm Festival and we do enjoy going. Please check out their Facebook link above and if in our area pay them a visit. They have a store that sells organic produce, fresh milk from a local dairy, meats, all sorts of goods. The beauty of the farm is worth the trip.

Petting all of the beautiful animals

Watching them hatch

Look where the honey comes from...

Arts and Crafts, Fiber Arts, Border Collie Demo, Sheep Shearing and more!

 Talking about his sheep shearing...

The sheep in the shearing pen



beautiful work and yarns
I could watch someone spin and quilt for hours


~ Going on a Hay Ride to see and hear about the farm activities ~

A special thank you to the Ovis Hill Farm for having this festival and sharing with us all!


  1. how fun!! love your pictures. looks like a great day!!

    1. It really was fun just to see that little face light up at everything was great! Thanks Annmarie.

  2. What a fun way to spend a day. Look how happy that little guy is. How wonderful- xo Diana

    1. Great to see you Diana! I know he was so good to hear from you.

  3. Dolly, your grandson has the most expressive face. He looks so cute and happy! We used to go to Ovis to buy our cheese, but we haven't been in a while. Sorry that I missed the festival.

    1. Oh he sure does. You know Jane I don't go over there often enough, but I like their products. I am sorry you missed it too. Phillip sure likes to go and now we have another boy that will probably like it too. Good to see you Jane.