Mar 29, 2013

One Good Friday

This egg gives me cold chills every time I think about it and how the design came about.  Join me to see how this happened!

A few years back I was dyeing Easter Eggs. I was trying to use natural methods to see what would work best. This one small white bantam egg. I chose to place in strong coffee. I pulled it out of the cup and Catie was standing there watching the egg as it was drying.  She said, "Mama, that egg is doing something strange!"  I was busy so I just glanced at it working on.  A little later I really looked at this egg and couldn't believe my eyes.  I called to Catie and said, "Look!"  She said, "Yes, Mama that is what I was trying to tell you."

It was amazing then and it is amazing now to me.  We did not put this design on the egg.  It developed when the coffee was drying.

Now if you look closely at the face you will see no features, but on this day Good Friday, it did indeed have features nose eyes, and a mouth.  Saturday morning the features had started to fade from the egg and by Easter morning they had all but disappeared.

I get cold chills every time I look at this and think about it happening. What a wonderful sign, a symbol of God's love for us.  Jesus gave his life on the cross, so that all may be saved.  He took the sins of the world upon Himself so that we may have life everlasting.

I now share it again with you all.

I placed it in the nest with the small Mockingbird Eggs that had been left.  It seemed to be the appropriate place at the time.  It was as plain as it could be that day.  On Easter morning the face faded away.  We did nothing but place the egg in the coffee.  I thank Jesus every time I see this picture.
I thank Him for the sacrifice He made for each and every one of us on that day.

I thought I would share this below from The Cove

If you ever get the chance to go to The Cove I say go.  
It is such a beautiful Spirit-filled place and you will be blessed.



  1. Amazing! It looks wonderful in the nest.

    1. Hi Tori! Thanks but I sure didn't do it. We were amazed too! So glad you came by today and Happy Easter to you!

  2. Beautiful! Love the idea of dying the eggs in coffee - gives it such an earthy natural look. I often use onion skins to dye mine.

    Have a blessed Easter, my friend.

    1. Thanks Heather. I'll bet yours are beautiful. Happy Easter!

  3. what a wondrous post spreading the best news I have ever heard. The news of our Lord Jesus Christ coming to earth and going to the cross for all of us to be saved Amen
    come visit us at

    1. It sure touches me and all who read. Thank you Lord. Visiting your blog.