Oct 6, 2013

Simplehuman Dishrack Review

Today I will be reviewing a product that I personally purchased, it is The Simplehuman Steel Dishrack. My opinions are my own and I have had this item since 2011. I have a tendency to research an item before buying, so much so that sometimes it may take a year.  This was one of those products.  

I couldn't imagine that something as mundane as a dishrack could cost so much money. You know something that when I started housekeeping could be picked up at the dime store for little or no cost and last forever.  Things really don't last forever and sometimes you actually get what you pay for. This is one of those items.

I have been so thrilled with this rack.  It is so huge and holds more than any I've ever owned.  I love the deep sided stainless steel sides.  They help prevent water spillage that normal racks just don't do as well.  I love the flip out glass, cup holders that can easily be moved back & forth if you don't need them.

 This plate holder is so great and large...everything about this rack is huge, large, spacious, all of the adjectives I could use that mean the same!  As you can see it is removable and so easy to wash.  You can even turn it around to suit your need on your rack.
The bottom draining rack is wonderful with the long spout that you can turn to fit your sink and drain off the water efficiently.  It is removable for easy cleaning too.

It came with these feet covers for added height over those taller sinks for better drainage.
I however chose to use these anyway and it is great because my rack is up higher and I can easily wipe underneath it when needed.
The bamboo knife rack is great for draining different sized knives and very convenient when one of those is needed in a hurry.  It has in this amount of time worn a little because it is a wood product and water over a period of years will make it look not pristine but is probably replaceable within the 5 years.
This utensil rack is huge and works like a charm.  I really like it!

This is my rack and check out the size and height beside the kitchen sink!

Here is the side view of mine.

Special Note***
I don't think this particular rack is still for sale but they have excellent models with wine glass holders such as this one

I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Simplehuman Product in the future and wanted to pass this along to you.
An added PLUS is the fact that your parts are replaceable for 5 years from the purchase of the product!
That's right a 5 year warranty! That is more warranty than any of my major home appliances have.

I had to order a drip tray because of my heavy handedness I broke the bottom part..
I went online to order.  You need to Keep your Receipt 
for replacement and record of where you purchased.
Anyway, I ordered the wrong replacement part and called to see how to send it back and get the correct one and representative told me to just keep or discard wrong part. (She doesn't know me I will reuse that part in some other wayShe promptly put me onto the correct part and it was here in 2 days
Great customer service in every way!

I guess by now you can tell that I really like this product and advise you to purchase a Simplehuman if you are in doubt you need not be!


  1. Thanks for the review. I was using one of those absorbing cloths, and it took forever to dry out. Mold grew it in and I tossed it out.

    1. Hey Kristina,
      You don't know how many times I have wondered how well those absorbing cloths would work and you have answered that one for me. Thanks! Hope your weekend is going great!