Nov 12, 2013

The Antique Cookie Jar Collection

I now have this little collection sitting on top of Chuck's Grandmother's Pie Safe
They are a cute trio and they are the first things the grandsons look for when they visit.
It seems from birth these boys have been drawn to them.  They are cute aren't they?

This little cutie is a vintage Royal Sealy Rabbit Cookie Jar. Made in Japan by Royal Sealy
 I love the cap and cookie.  Isn't he adorable with such a sweet expression on his face. 
 He stands about 12 inches tall and as far as I can tell he was made in the 1950s or 60s

This little bunny rabbit is a cutie. Vintage Royal Sealy Peter Rabbit Cookie jar
made in Japan. He is 13 inches tall.  I have seen others but they have cookies across 
the tummy like the first jar above.  He is dressed in his finest.

Our little elephant and he is dressed in his finest also.
He is so cute too! I can't find any information about him.

Carly and I found these at an antique store a few years ago.


  1. These cookie jars are so sweet! I love the older character jars, they have so much personality.

    1. Hey Kathy,
      I agree there is just something special about older things. They do have more personality. I agree! xoxo

  2. I love antique cookie jars, and these are really special. I hope you have them filled with cookies for those little visitors!! My mom used to have one of a very pretty girl's head with golden curls & a flat-topped checkered hat. My sister now has it, but I've been thinking of asking her if I could just take a photo of it sometime to share on my blog. Have a nice day Dolly! Wendy x

    1. Hi Wendy!
      I'm afraid that I don't keep cookies in those. They are so old and fragile. The boys just like them because they are so darn cute and probably because they are up high they can't get their hands on them. I can remember going to my fancy grandmother's home and looking at all of her pretty what nots. I remember thinking how pretty those things were and that we couldn't touch them. That made them all the more pretty! Thanks for sharing about your pretty cookie jar that is so sweet. Yes go get that photo and share. When you do please let me know. Dolly x x x

  3. I love those cookie jars…I used to have a collection of them, but sold them prior to moving….I am really having seller's remorse!

    1. Thank you Shirley! I'm sorry you sold yours. I do that too and if the grandbabies didn't love these so much they might would be in storage...So good to hear from you!