Nov 11, 2013

Veterans Day

I haven't thought about it much but I have been surrounded by servicemen my entire life.  I had a granddaddy who served in WWI a daddy in WWII, and two husbands that have served in the Vietnam War.

It was always a part my life.  I can remember thinking and hoping that the Vietnam War would end quickly because I didn't want my brothers to go to war.  It was a scary time for me.

Daddy would share very little with we girls but when men came around I would hear bits and pieces.  He as all of the WWII Veterans was an extremely humble man.  The WWII Vets kept their humility even though they had done the most courageous acts.  I am so honored to have had a father like that and to have met some of his comrades after his death.  I did not even know what unit he served in during WWII.  I tell this and chill bumps cover my arms;  After his death I started researching different WWII Units and it fell into place I know God had a hand in it because in 2 weeks I had found him listed, found out where he served and with whom.  Years ago with the research I started a website on called Dad's War.  Here 

The Vietnam war; My thoughts on the veterans that came back: They felt under appreciated and almost hated for fighting a war that most had no choice in, nor wanted.  They were sent by our government and the anger should not have been directed at the soldiers.  Thank you Vietnam Vets for serving your country, at a time when the people of your country were going through something that was a little, might I say crazy, and didn't show you their thanks! 

Agent Orange: A hazard that plagues a great number of Vietnam Vets and people surrounding the area. Soldiers that served in other areas and countries were also effected, even in Thailand where Randy served.
We in America do not realize the extent of testing that was done with this even in our own country.  The amount of damage to us is yet to be determined.

Thank you to all veterans!

Husband Chuck
To read a little about his Vietnam Experience, I might add his unit was a secret in fact
according to most it did not exist; But it did read more
Click HERE
Quote from Chuck today:
Happy Veterans Day to all of America's veterans who served . 
Some gave all but all gave and I am proud to be one of you . 
God Bless You and God Bless America ...

My Daddy, Carl 
To read a little about his WWII Experiences 
Click HERE

My Father-in-Law
To read about his WWII Experience
Click HERE

I would be remiss if I did not include Randy for his service in the Air Force
during the Vietnam Era served in Thailand.
A truly honorable man and father to my children.

To all who have served and are now serving a heartfelt thank you!
God bless you and keep you.

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