Nov 6, 2013

The Freshest Greens Ever!

Grow your own vegetables but when you can't what is the next best thing?
Buy local! 
 Chuck and I haven't planted any of these this year.  I so love fresh vegetables and over the years have come to love collards, mustard, turnips, rutabagas.  I could go on and on because I love fresh fruit and produce of all kinds.

  We happen to know a wonderful family that live not too far from us and grow the most beautiful produce.
I want to apologize because I had them in the noon time sun and they were so sweet to pose for me anyway.  They are truly a special family.  I also found out that they have relatives that may very well be related to me. 

Lynn is on the left with her father Mr. Major.
She and her brother grow such excellent crops.  I think they get that from their delightful father.  He is so interesting to talk to. If I told you his age you would never believe me!  He is an outstanding gentleman.  I so enjoyed talking with them and walking the fields.

They grow collards, cabbage, turnips, broccoli and rutabagas
I unfortunately was too late for the broccoli but next year I'll be sure to time that one right.

See what I mean?   Beauty everywhere!

We got some for our daughter so we paid a visit to her home with them.
Our grandsons really enjoyed the cabbage and collards!
Look at the cabbage and collards beside these boys! Huge

It may seem like a full time job finding good and wholesome food for your family but in the long run it is well worth it.

We'll be busy in the kitchen working on these vegetables cooking and freezing some too.
Enjoy your vegetables!


  1. I only have great admiration for the success of your friend:) Those vegetables are huge!! Nice to see such garden thru your post:)

  2. Love posts like this! What a cute couple they make. So thankful for people who grow the foods we consume!

    Marie Angelique

  3. Those are beautiful pictures of beautiful veggies! WOW!!!!!

  4. Yum! Those greens look so inviting...and what handsome little grandsons you've got! :) Thanks so much for sharing on The HomeAcre Hop!
    I hope you have time to stop by and share your Thankful posts with us on The Thankful HomeAcre Hop today!