Nov 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Vivien Leigh

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Vivien Leigh
Happy 100th Birthday to You!  

I can tell you that as a small child growing up in South Carolina she was one of my favorite movie stars.  Our little elementary school in our small town of Timmonsville went to the movies.  Yes, we had a movie theater in our very small town. We went to see the educational "Gone With the Wind "  That at the time was a bit long for us children.  I guess we had gone from school to learn about the war, but like Scarlett, I thought war, war, war, who wants to talk about war!  I, a little girl was in awe of the big screen and the huge southern mansions, but most of all Scarlett.  It was She and the gowns!

My Favorite All-Time Movie!

What little girl wouldn't want a home like that and boys wanting to be at her beck and call?
It was like Cinderella with Scarlett already being the princess. 
We were mesmerized!

Alright, I have to concede that I now find her to be so self-centered and spoiled! Still like her feistiness!  

In the end, she shows her true self and that she cares for others, in her own way of course. Vivien Leigh definitely was Scarlett O'Hara

Rhett Butler
There is only one.

It didn't hurt that he was from Charleston. How very exciting for we South Carolinians. We had to get permission to see this movie after all the last scene in the movie had a curse word.  We were told over and over not to pay attention and that we had better not use that word.  It was scandalous!

I find it heartwarming to have grown up in the time that I have.

 I will let them end this post with this very scene.


  1. I love her! She was so beautiful. And I cannot imagine anyone else playing that character.

    Marie angelique

  2. One of my all time favorite movies. I haven't watched the full movie in a long time- I need to do that one of these days- xo Diana