Dec 10, 2013

D'Arceau Limoges: Colette

D'Arceau Limoges "Colette"  The Sportswoman of 1890
Plate #3 in the series of 12 "Women of the Century", a tribute by the artist FR. Ganeau
 Made of fine-art porcelain to the ascendance of western woman in the hundred years of Paris fashion.


The description on the back of the plate reads 
"Women of the Century-1890.  
Proud and light in her sporty, fitted look; 
"Colette at the conquest of her independence."
Made of porcelain from Limoges, France.
First Edition made by hand.  
It is marked with the oficial emblem awarded to the only work of its kind to be honored for International Women's Year, and is also affirmed of sponsorship by the
Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne.  Created in 1976
The plate is made to the "Grellet Standard" of 1773 from pure "hard purple" Kaolin, the finest in the world. 6 primary colors and 11 specialty colors.

10 more collector plates in this series to share.

Macaron courtesy of Chef Francois Payard

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Ganache

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  1. Dolly, What a beautiful, beautiful plate! I love it- xo Diana