Mar 26, 2014

Beverly Lewis: The Shunning

I'm thrilled to announce coming Soon my interview with Beverly Lewis,  New York Times' Best Selling Author.  
When my children were little Randy and I took them to Lancaster County Pa.  It became one of the most unforgettable of our vacation trips.  We went several times and each time enjoyed it thoroughly.  Chuck and I went awhile back and had the most glorious time.  Do yourself a favor and visit.  Most importantly respect the people but do visit.

Today on Beverly Lewis's Facebook Page Enter to win a copy of the new book

The Last Bride here
Her new book set for release April 1st!
Please tell her Dolly sent you.



  1. I love her books. I have read a lot of them. I need to catch up on the them.

  2. I read this book when it first came out, I had no idea it was going to be a movie! It should be a good one- xo Diana

    1. It was pretty good! I have yet to read the book but am going to. Beverly is a wonderful author. Have a great weekend Diana!