Mar 27, 2014

Beverly Lewis on Lancaster County, PA.

Good morning! Have you ever been to Lancaster County, Pa?  If not do yourself a favor and visit.  It always takes me back in time.  Memories of the grandparents and their simple farming life.  Beauty that is what you will see.  The growing green crops, wheat, gorgeous homes grandeur in size and yet so very simple and clean.  Clothes hanging on the lines in their colors.  I especially love the quilts hanging.  So very beautiful!

credit wikipedia

Today I am sharing some very good videos

First Glimpses of Lancaster County with Beverly Lewis

Next Two Short Library Presentations that will shed some light as to the Amish, Mennonites way of life.

I hope you enjoyed these short and informative videos.  Beverly is such an eloquent speaker.

Tomorrow is Farmgirl Friday.  I look forward to seeing you.  Then the Spotlight Story on Beverly Lewis.



  1. I so enjoyed this. I had read The Sun Room but didn't know it was based on her mothers illness.

    1. Hey Michelle, I did too. Don't you just love to learn new things about people? I sure do. There is so much more to this lady.

  2. I really enjoyed this - I had never heard of her. Thanks for sharing this. -Carole

    1. Hi Carole, She is such an eloquent speaker and writer. I myself am going to read more of her books. Thank you for stopping by and speaking. Please come back anytime.