May 12, 2014

Sara's Home Tour The Master Bedroom

Welcome!  I'd like to take you on a tour that will be listed in several parts.  Today will be the master bedroom and bath.

Sara requested that I make a few items for her home and I was happy to do so for my best friend.  The items are on dolly's designs today for you to see.  Please check them out here.

Please sit back and enjoy the tour.

Master Bedroom

My photography can not give the true beauty of her home.
Look at the vibrant color on the chair.  Sara really has a knack for decorating and color schemes.

Perfect for the alcove.


Master Bath

Last but not least is the front of her home

This concludes our tour for today.  I hope you enjoyed it and will come back for the rest of the home tour.  Did you see her beautiful antiques and collections?

I started with these rooms first to coincide with the dolly's designs post.  That post was done to showcase the items that I custom made for Sara's Home....see it here.

I will be back soon to show you some more of Hibiscus House Gardens!
I'm excited, don't you just love the Springs' first blooms?
Our roses are just gorgeous!

The Living Room Tour here

The Dining Room Tour 
The Kitchen Tour
The Guest Bedroom Tour
The Den Tour
The Master Bedroom Tour

Enjoy your week!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Kim, I'll tell her. Hope you had a great Mother's Day.

  2. Thanks for the tour loved it.
    reminds me of living in the country.

    1. Hey Marissa!
      Thank you! I hope you had the best Mother's Day! I'll tell Sara about your sweet comment!

  3. Loved the home tour, Dolly, I absolutely love the classic and timeless feel of this home. Very pretty!

    1. Oh Hetty thank you! I'lll make sure Sara hears of your great compliments!

  4. I really like the master bedroom! The hard wood floors are wonderful with the bed! I like her colors too.

    1. I do too and wish my pictures could have shown it how it really is. Her home does have the most beautiful floors. I'll tell her of your wonderful compliments! Thanks Kathy.