Day Trip Back In Time

It wasn't so long ago I saw something online about this place in South Carolina.  I love old homes, old barns, old buildings.  This place happens to be in Santee, SC.  
My Son in Law said the he and his camping buddies had been to a place the he knew I would love!  The more he talked about it the more I knew it had to be the place that I wanted to go see.

Today I'll share a few pictures.  I have quite a lot of them so will share in more than one post. 

These were taken at Lone Star Barbecue & Mercantile

I hope you enjoyed your short tour.  I have more pictures from Lonestar but will show later.  We had the most fun that day.  We also went to the Santee State Park.

photo credit Santee State Park

Look at this face!  He was having such a good time.  The duck behind him is too.

Our littlest one with a great big smile on his face.

Our guys did enjoy the day.  Water, boats, little sun, little rain...ducks and sporting goods shop too.

I hope you enjoyed this short little day trip and I'll be back soon with more Lone Star Barbecue and Mercantile.

Visit your local state parks, I intend to do more of it.


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

State parks can be some of the best places to visit, we took a trip where we hauled the camper from one to another all week long. It was one of the best trips ever.


Kathy, I'll bet you all did have fun. I keep forgetting about the state parks and they have some of the best things to do. I'm going to try to change that myself. Hope all is well I know you are busy with your yard work and gardening.