Jul 4, 2014

From Our House To Yours!

Happy 4th of July!

The sun is shining, a breeze is blowing and the flag is flying!
What a beautiful day!

Our pets are on the wire watching!

Our Chimney Sweeps
This is only a few that we have around here.  There are many more.  I love them.  They swoop down
around us and have so much fun.  I feel like a Disney Princess with the birds fluttering all around.  They come roost right with us on the porch and even follow me the half mile to the mailbox.  Adorable that is the word for these birds.

I'll leave you with well wishes for a wonderful Independence Day to you and yours!  This rendition of The Star Spangled Banner by the Gaither Vocal Band will inspire you!  It sure inspires me!


  1. Your home and yard are beautiful !

  2. I've never seen a chimney sweep but how fun that they fly to the mailbox when you go up there! We have barn swallows that nest but they are not really fun birds. The titmouse family fly down to the deck rails, chair top and once even on my tennis shoe looking for cat food leftovers. They are cute but not too smart since they land next to the cats from time to time.

  3. They are adorable! We've had the barn swallows on the back porch they are shy here and make a mess but very pretty. Yours really are tame to get so close to you and the cats...I love the chimney sweeps they fly all around you in circles I feel like Snow White they are precious.