Jul 14, 2014

Sara's Home Tour Last Room: The Den

Welcome to Sara's Den!

 Sara as a child
The artist has drawn many beautiful portraits.

I love this trunk!  She had this when she and I were roommates in the early 80s.  I see a very important book The Bible.  I gave her this courting candle pictured on the left.  The candle was positioned in the candle stick and when the candle burned down to that position then it was time for the suitor to go home!  Cute they actually did that.  I've included a link about Courting Candles HERE just for fun!

Photo doesn't do this antique any justice but it is a beautiful piece.


 Love this lamp and the artwork.  A wonderful place to do some work.

 Yes you know I love her antique pottery and teapot collections.

Wonderful reading area in the room

Not the best photo but I wanted to show the depth of this room.  It is huge!

 This concludes Sara's Home Tour and I thank her for allowing us into her warm and inviting home full of antiques and collectables.

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  1. Loved the tour.
    especially the book-shelf I think I'd be reading in that cozy living room
    She has wonderful antiques
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Went back and looked at the other room post. She has a lovely and warm home. Love the big book shelf .

  3. Just joined your site, and viewing varies rooms. All I can say is I love your home. I love your beautiful antiques. Thank you so much for sharing

    1. Hi Ivory and welcome! This is my best friend Sara's home and I know she will be thankful when I tell her of you wonderful compliments!