Aug 14, 2014

Spotlight Story: Mandy Maddocks of Muck Boots & Lipstick

Hibiscus House is proud to present Mandy Maddocks.  Pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy this wonderful story!  She is an extremely talented writer as you will see.

Hello! My name is Mandy, and I am honored to be writing for my friend, Dolly's blog! It's exciting for me! I have been a farm girl my whole life, but have only recently begun to blog about my adventures. I love writing, and I love farming, so it was only natural to combine the two. As I get older, I have been knocking a few things off my "bucket list", and writing is one of those goals. I joined the farm girl chit-chat, and met a lot of women similar to myself. These ladies understand me, and this gave me the courage to begin my blogging journey. Most of all, these farm girls took me right in, and I have made some dear friends. Thanks, Dolly for believing in my writing! It means a lot.

    Even as a young girl, I knew that farming was what I wanted to do. I followed my dad all around the farm every day, and did not want to be confined to the house! At twelve years old, I raised a pair of oxen, all by myself. I was determined that I could train a team, and I did it! I would haul logs down the road in winter to our saw mill to help my dad out. In the summer all my friends enjoyed riding behind Brutus and Bandit in a cart. I also raised my own turkeys to earn some spending money for several years. I milked cows every day for my dad, and did field work all summer. While other kids were playing, I was working, but I enjoyed it. It satisfied my soul. My dad always said he would never trade us hard working girls for boys. He was proud of us! I was independent, and could hot wire a tractor, or throw a hay bale better than the best of the boys. I was outside all day, and only came home to the whistle that beckoned us for supper. We could never leave the farm much, but we had all we needed right there. Our gardens overflowed with bountiful produce, and our cows gave plenty of creamy milk. We had beef, pork, and chicken to our heart's content. We didn't have a lot of money, but we didn't realize it. We may not have had name brand clothes, but our lives were rich. Rich in adventure, and in lessons taught on the farm. 

   My sister, and I are the third generation on our family farm, and I am growing four boys for a fourth generation. :)  A lot of things haven't changed since my grandfather's day, such as our use of Belgian work horses to do most of our field work. We still use many old hand tools, and like to do things the old simple way. I haven't been able to let go of this way of life, and I don't want to! I believe that God puts a desire, and a passion within certain people, otherwise there would be no one to feed the population! Who in their right mind would willingly take on a wild heifer to milk her for the first time, or hang tight to the reigns of a run-a-way horse while being dragged through fresh manure, and being thrashed over jagged rocks?!?! Who would want to wake at an early hour to feed, and tend to a herd of animals that may be tearing down your entire fence that very afternoon?!?! Why would someone volunteer to have their heart broken on those days when they have to hold their favorite goat as she takes her last breath, or not be able to save that new baby calf as it is being born?!?! Farmers take a beating physically, and emotionally. Despite all of this, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives! A walk out through the woods behind the farm stills my heart, and refreshes my mind. Goat kids pouncing on each other, and horses racing with manes flying in the wind, and hooves pounding hard on the earth, and into your heart, is what renews my faith in farming. Plucking dew laden berries from the garden, or sipping fresh milk from your cows, it does your soul good. Walking barefoot through the garden, sniffing the long row of peonies, running your fingers over the softness of a horses nose, capturing lightening bugs for a living lantern, watching your children run free on an adventure.....this is what it's all about!

     My blog, Muck Boots & Lipstick, highlights my many adventures as a farm girl. I can usually be found in my muck boots working around the farm, but what girl doesn't want to trade those muck boots for some pretty cow girl boots, a dress, and some lip stick once in a while? My writings take you on my journey as a mom of four boys, and as a homesteading family. You'll see our step by step process of building a log cabin debt-free with salvaged materials. My life as a farm girl is always busy, and full of excitement! If I'm not working on the farm, you'll find me creating new treasures from old junk for my Farm Girl Whimsy business. Please join me over at my blog. I'd love to have you! 

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You can find Mandy at Muck Boots and Lipstick Blog

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 Unique hand-made products by a Maine farm girl. Junk turned treasure, one of a kind finds, organic beauty products, natural and safe household cleaners, fabulous junk turned jewelry, antique furniture....

 I am in awe of Mandy and her family.  I think that anything she sets her mind too she can and will do!  Mandy thank you for sharing your life with us.  You are certainly blessed with many talents and I'm grateful you allowed us see some of them.

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