Aug 8, 2014

Behind the Scenes Gardening

Bloggers seldom want to air their dirty laundry in public.  Well, actually nobody does.  There are good reasons for doing that.  People don't want to see a mess.  They want to believe that people can actually do it all!  
I confess and those that know me personally already know this.  I have so many interests that I have never narrowed them down to perfect just a few....therefore a mess in some areas at any given time.
Today I share my neglected flower bed.  Shameful really because now this particular bed is blooming in full.  It should be shown for all of it's glory but can't.  Why?  Grass! It is covering this bed.

 I worked about 2 hours to get it to this point.  August not the best time to garden. Bugs galore!  Hot, humid in South Carolina of course.

Miniature Crape Myrtles and a few roses don't have a chance in the middle of this grass. Grumpy Gardner (aka Steve Bender)  Would be so proud, I'll bet if more people grew the miniatures so they wouldn't commit Crape Murder.

I planted a larger Crepe Myrtle Tree Today in this bed.  My sister Gwen gave it to me and it is going to be a beauty!  I can't wait to see it bloom.  It is young but already has buds on it.

 It is called Plum Magic from Plant Introductions

I did accomplish a lot today because I had to keep taking breaks.  I'll get it done!  Yes, I will!

I have to say this since I'm sharing so much that I'm very glad I live 1/4 mile from the road.  While I was gardening I spotted a Black Widow Spider crawling up my pants leg!  I see them a lot around here especially in the chicken pen but never in my flower bed!  UGH!  Do you know how quickly you can come out of your clothes when you do see a spider go up your pants leg?  VERY!

So I am taking a break now until later in the day.  Then I will fight the mosquitoes, gnats etc.  One great thing I have a new batch of Chimney Sweep Birds in the nest on the porch.  Those birds are my new best friends.  They even follow me on the walk to the mailbox....Love their songs.

Don't hate me because my garden is not beautiful!
Have a great day!


  1. My garden is so discouraging this year, so don't feel bad about the grass creeping in. I find that where I've put some ground cover with "bark nuggets" the weeds have really been held back. I get a few more bags each year and spread them around. They don't break down very much over the winters and still look good again in spring. This summer has been very wet and I don't know what's eating and killing my beloved plants, but I've lost quite a few and they still keep falling prey to a mystery infection (bugs or disease I don't know). I would H.A.T.E. to even see a black widow spider in the garden, let alone crawling up my leg. Good job on getting out of those pants in a hurry ;) Wendy x

    1. Hi Wendy!
      I'm sorry about your garden too. I sure hope your things will pick up and not only survive but thrive. Life has kept me out of mine and it is torture to get it back. I have used newspaper, bark, cardboard and landscape fabric. As a matter of fact there probably is some of all still left under the grass in it is hard work... The beds that I don't have anything but plantings seem to fair better than the more formal beds I try to keep clean. Yes I did get to moving fast when I saw that one climbing up there. I went back this afternoon and that bed is just full of them...I know that I want that bed clean but sure hate working around all of the spiders. I actually hate spiders more than snakes. It was so good to hear from you Wendy xo

  2. My mom committed crape murder!! We all have those areas where we put just a little better angle on the shot or do a little cropping! I do allow weeds in my vege garden but try toeep them from the flowers but it has gotten ahead of me too. I need a time when the wasps are sleeping and I am not. Yours still looks nice, I love those crape myrtles but the are iffy here due to the temperatures getting so cold.

    1. Kathy yes sometimes it just can't be helped...I wish you could have them. My full sized Crape Myrtles don't do too well but I hope that will change. Ugh you have lots of wasps I can't stand them and am so allergic yet love yard work. It get stung 2 to 3 times in the summer season...not a good thing. do you have those wasps that live in the ground also? I have some of those too and they get you before you even know they exist..

  3. I just got some awesome advice from The Grumpy Gardener and I'm going to take it...I have pulled until my back can't take it anymore!
    Grumpy Gardener (aka Steve Bender) I like your choice of 'Plum Magic.' And your lawn looks very healthy. One way to control grass in a planting bed is by using a product called Grass-B-Gon. It only kills grass, not flowers, shrubs, or trees.
    Thanks Grumpy!

  4. Oh Dear, your roses are lovely! We gardener know it's work to have a garden! So nobody will hate you! It seems to be a hughe place! So much green around! I love that!
    All my best from an Austrian gardener and happy happy times

    1. Hello Elisabeth! I'm so glad you came to visit me today. Such a sweet comment. I do love the green grass and the solitude we have back here in the country. I'll bet your Austrian Garden is some beauty and would love to see pictures. It is so nice to meet you please come again.