Aug 5, 2017

Flowers Shrubs Trees Butterflies & Rabbits

I must confess that in the last two years my gardens haven't been given the attention they deserve. They still perform beautifully, bless their hearts! 
Yes sometimes life just takes you away from the things you would love to be doing.  People and their needs are more important of course, but does anyone out there wish we had more time to do all the things we love to do?  My problem is my interests are many, too many!  

You probably know by now that I really like Hydrangeas. They hold such fond memories for me of being at my grandparent's home and just looking in amazement at their collection growing tall and full of the huge blue blooms. While I do enjoy seeing their beauty in the gardens I also like to bring some of that beauty inside.  I like them in crystal as you can see here in the post Hydrangeas Rhythm & Blueberries.

They almost arrange themselves. Not long ago I did a post on Arranging Hydrangeas you might enjoy. I like the fact that they have many variations of color and with a little Lime added can change to pink or lavenders.  If you grow these you know they can be dried and used for a year or so longer. This little tutorial tells how you can do so with Borax and Cornmeal, which is alright but they are a little easier to just air dry although the colors may not dry as vividly.

These beauties are another variety of Hydrangea which I love.
Grumpy Gardener from Southern Living Magazine tells How to Take Care of Hydrangeas.

Crape Myrtle

What a beautiful flowering tree. This is another that my mama and grandparents had in their yards. Again I have fond memories of these beauties and the bark that was so unusual. They also had limbs that we kids could climb up in, well that is until we were caught and made to come down. These were planted awhile back and are fairly slow growing Planting Little Crape Myrtles.  

Simple Summer Blooms show the two of these in their beauty.

What a pretty site a butterfly enjoying the butterfly garden I have out here.
Archives Post of the Butterfly Gardens:

Even my Butterfly Garden looks totally neglected.  The Morning Glories have taken over and although they have a beautiful bloom they can swallow up an entire flower garden in no time at all here in the south.

Enjoy a little beauty.

I like to walk the yard and gardens to find something in bloom to use indoors.  This time of year it is a little tricky to find much in bloom but I found a few things the other day I'll share with you.

A few soft blooms gathered and placed in the right location can add so much beauty to your home.
See I love glass, crystal, mirrors, blooms.

 Laughing, Excuse the camera strap in the background.
The old chipped flower pot in background belonged to my Grandmother Johnson.
I would take nothing for that it is a sentimental beauty that my mama Dot used in her garden, pictured below. 

These roses were a gift from my Doug's mother.
They were detailed with dark and light variations the color in them is their true color.
It is amazing how a simple bouquet can pull out the beauty in a room.

Earlier this year while on a trip to The Dollar Store with Chuck.  Mind you I don't go often and he seems to think if I go with him there and to Walmart that is a big date because he loves to go there! Anyway I found some really cute inexpensive flower pots!  I was excited and thought they would be great to temporarily put my new Lavender plants in.

I did say temporarily but that has spanned the summer.  These poor plants need some ground and tender loving care to grow to their fullest.  One day I'll put them into the ground.  Do you like Lavender?

Lavender planted when received.
I purchased the Lavender from QVC

The pots Dollar General for $3 a piece and well worth it!

In bloom.

We have lots of yard work to do and it may have to be done a little at a time.  Fall is right around the corner and that's a good thing.  

I'm planning for Fall planting and for Spring Plantings next year that should be fun.  Do you do that?

We planted a white Crape Myrtle Chuck had at another property and moved it to a location in the yard actually a couple of years ago.  It bloomed this year for the first time.  Surprised me the length of time it took to root grow and grow to have blooms on it.  Although only a few we were thrilled to see the blooms.

This cute little 'booger' keeps coming up to the porch.  
I recently found out why.  
I'll post about him soon.

Please be in prayer for our family.  
We've lost a few loved ones recently and they will be missed for sure.
We are thankful for the strength the Lord gives us.

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