Jul 27, 2017

Homemade Scuppernong/Muscadine Grape Jelly

We have a few different varieties of Scuppernong or Muscadines growing in our little orchard.  You know there are only so many of these you can pick and eat then after a while it makes sense to save the rest before they go bad.  I love the juice from them, it reminds me of the grape juice we have at church when we observe The Lord's Supper.  Prepare and take the juice from your grapes to be used now or later.  This jelly was made from the juice of last year's crop.  It is delicious.

Today's recipe was made in the Fresh Tech Jam & Jelly Maker.  I do use a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice to mine.  Their recipe calls for store bought Concord Grape Juice.  I was afraid that my homemade Muscadine juice might need a little extra citric acid from the juice.  You can use the Low sugar Sure Jell if you wish and I've used it in the past.  If your grapes are extremely sweet I suggest you do that, if not use the regular Sure Jell.  I've used the regular this year because the grapes are good but a little on the tart side.

You may want to use a regular cook on the stove jelly recipe.  You could also cook this on the stove but it would be a very little batch. I suggest this website Pick Your Own which give you very good instructions as to how to make it. Or use the grape jelly recipe on the insert in the Sure Jell Pectin.

Only use the pure juice of the grapes for the jelly.  If you water your juice down or try to add to fill an amount for recipe your jelly will simply NOT jell.  You may ask how do I know this?  Trust me I've learned from experience.  It is also true do not double the recipes that will make your jelly flop.

Be choosy and pick only the best ripe sweet grapes for best juice and jelly.

Juice made from the grapes
instructions HERE

Have the Jelly Maker clean and ready to go.
Measure your juice precisely.

Process in water bath for 10 minutes, lift lid wait 5 minutes
Remove jars carefully and place on towels in draft free place.
Wait at least 24 hours before checking to see if lids are sealed.

I made Strawberry-Banana Jam, in the background the day before.
Made the grape jelly on this day.

I'll leave you with this picture below that you can print out.
Enjoy and I'll see you soon

If acidity is in question with your grapes *add more lemon juice RealLemon juice is more acidic, or citric acid.
The total cooking time for the jelly is 25 minutes. **The four beeps are at the beginning of the cycle, so listen for them to add the sugar slowly.
When I say at the end of the water bath to remove lid I am referring to the pot/waterbath lid not the jelly jar lids at this time. ***

You can also make grape jelly from store bought bottled Grape Juice

Now if you love Orange Marmalade you must try my own recipe for that!

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