Jul 25, 2017

Watching Turkeys, Healing Casper, Harvesting Grapes, Birds and The Porch

Hello Friends, It has been quite a while since I've posted so this one may be a little about this and that.  Hope all are well and enjoying the Summer!

I think I'll show you a few short videos today.  the first one up is of the wild turkeys that visit our place and we truly enjoy them.  This was taken about a month ago, from my kitchen window one morning while we were having our coffee.

Aren't they pretty such a sweet family of birds. 
 I haven't seen them lately and hope that they are still roaming wild and free.

The next video is of Casper and the chickens.  Casper has been extremely sick with an infection.  We almost lost him and he is still fighting a battle.  We will have to give him medicine for quite awhile.  

I did find inventive ways to hide his pills and capsules into certain foods.  He has been enjoying the treatment fit for a king. Anyway, this video was taken about a week ago.  He has been on antibiotics for a short while but showed great improvement.

The next video was taken this week and Casper is doing quite a bit better.  We had to lock him in to keep him down some because of his medicine.  I'm so glad he is doing this well because before he wasn't able to walk to the gate on his own.

We only had Casper locked in for this short time but as you can see he can and does get out when we tell him he can.  He has been known to let himself out when he feels we are threatened.  He did it especially at a time when I needed him. Two shady characters came up here with no good intentions. He quickly put them back into their cars and off they went!

Casper needs a good grooming and our chicken pen is due for a much needed cleaning.  Always more to do than time allows but we'll get there.  

We really like these bunch grapes.
They are of the Scuppernong/Muscadine variety called 'Blue Lake'.

They are very delicious, but like most in this variety have tough skins and seedy centers.  I like the taste of these particular grapes myself and they make the best southern grown juices and jams.  I'll post the grape jelly recipe I used with my Ball Jam and Jelly Maker.

Making our Homemade Muscadine Grape Jelly

You can harvest your grapes when ready and also make your juices to use later.  You can freeze for up to a year and make your jelly.  That is exactly what I did for the jam pictured above.  I made and froze the juice last year for this very purpose.  I can tell you that the jelly is delicious!

If you would like to see how I juiced my grapes you can do so Here. Juicing Grapes

These are called Fredonia Bunch Grapes or that is what the tag said attached.  I have come to realize that this bush was tagged incorrectly.  The grapes ripen at light green stage.  They are delicious and yield quite a few grapes.

Facebook friends you already know of the way I keep the birds from nesting on my newly painted porch, but I need to post here for an update.

Someone told us to put a rubber snake on the ledge that is beneath the ceiling.  We kept forgetting to find one, so I decided to just make a photo copy of one that looked menacing enough to keep our little feathered friends from nesting.

Oh I know how some bird lovers might feel about this but we too love the birds.  We wanted no real harm to come to them and they still continued to roost and sleep on the porch.  Not very close to the snake picture but still on the porch.  It wasn't long before they too left the nightly perch and I was heartbroken actually.

They are totally adorable, but what you don't see is the extreme mess they,
and the babies make when nesting.

Within a month though my sweet favorite 'Chimney Sweeps' were back.  Oh, they weren't nesting or roosting but back flying through chirping, I do believe singing and flying in circles around our heads. Greeting us each morning.  Yes!  I was excited and happy they were back and still loving us!  They perch on the electric wires.  They escort us away when we drive up our long drive and when we return we are escorted back home.  I love it and feel like Cinderella and Snow White with the birds chirping inside the porch almost landing on my shoulder.

I'll have to share with you one day of the outdoor curtain rod and drapery fiasco.  Well, maybe it was one of my hair brained ideas that caused the trouble.  We do have curtains on the side where the hottest afternoon sun beams down.

These two are the nicest hens
They are enjoying a stroll around the yard.

This was a pretty good brisket that I ended up cooking inside.  The heat wave made it impossible for me to stand over and keep watch on the grill.

I'll leave you with some of the gorgeous daylilies that we had blooming out here this year.
A post may be about them soon and what a joy there were daily.
You can read more about where we found these beauties in this post
 Day Trip to Loretta's Daylily Farm
She is no longer able to work that hard so the farm has been closed.

I'd like to thank all who have prayed for Casper.
We still have a way to go for his healing, but have faith he will do well.


  1. I am sorry to hear Casper has been sick. For some reason you don't show up on my FB posts. I am going to check that out as soon as I leave this comment.
    You have had lots going on there, Dolly. I really got a kick out of the snake printout.lol
    Hope you have a wonderful week- xo Diana

    1. Hey Diana!
      So good as always to hear from you! Yes but thankfully Casper is doing much better. I'm laughing too that picture moved them over and then they nested somewhere else close I do believe. They all come out early morning and early afternoon to greet us on the porch that most of them were probably born on. I love them. Hope your week is wonderful as well sweet friend! xoxo Dolly

  2. So glad to hear Casper is doing better, good looking hens. We had to make a run for our too , the hawk were starting to get them.

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much! Yes I hate to shut them up so much but where we live we have missing chickens quickly if left out too long. I hope your run makes for less chicken loss too. I need to quit naming mine it is so sad when they disappear. Have a wonderful rest of the week. Always great to hear from you! xoxo Dolly

  3. Those purple grapes look luscious!

    It's a good thing those turkeys don't strut across my front lawn or they would be sunday dinner. LOL!

    1. Hey Girl,
      Good to hear from you! The grapes are pretty delicious and I'm laughing about your sunday dinner...I've grown kinda fond of that family though. xoxo Dolly