Jun 2, 2017

Product Review: Corux Smart Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Car Locator

How many of you lose your car in a large parking lot?  I do sometimes, I'll admit it.  When approached by Alan a representative of Zake Usa and Awesome Deal Us about doing a product review on this item it wasn't a hard decision to make.

I had one of my associates to do this product review for me and here are the results on the: Corux Smart 3 in 1 Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Car Locator, 2.1A USB Charger Vehicle Battery Monitor Hands-Free for iPhone 7.7 Plus Samung LG Huawei Mobiles.


I had the chance to review the Corux Car Locator and app.  The app connects to the locator via Bluetooth and from there you can play the audio files on your phone via Bluetooth through your FM radio, locate your car via the map, and a compass to help steer you in the right direction. It also has a micro SD card slot for playing other audio files directly through plug in and USB style inputs to plug in your phone charging cord.

I popped it out of the box and plugged it into my car.  Turned my phone's Bluetooth on and connected the device.  It was simple and easy to do.  I could play music from my phone through the device over FM radio without the app but you need it for everything else.  

After downloading the app from the app store, I was easily able to guide my way through all of it's features.  What I enjoyed most was the FM transmitter.  It played podcasts and music clearly over the radio as if it was a direct connection which surprised me. I upgraded my phone to an iPhone 7 a few months back so I no longer have an audio jack to plug into my car radio while I charged my phone.

You are supposed to be able to make phone calls over Bluetooth but I haven't had any luck with that I could hear the other caller fine, but they could not hear me well.
     **Note** I was one of the other callers a few times and I could barely hear the call.  It was as if the call was far, far away and in a tunnel.  Not a clear connection at all. I've been in contact with the Corux representative and will update later if applicable.

Figuring out how to locate my car was a little tricky, but once I found the manually locate button on the lower left side of the screen, it was easy going from there.  It will drop a pin on google maps so you can wander around until your heart is content and you will be able to see on the map where your car is located.  If you happen to have no sense of direction, there is even a compass to steer you in the right direction and it even gives you the distance of how far away you are.

I didn't have a micro SD card to put into the slot so I wasn't able to test that function. 


All in all this product does what it says.

The only drawback is that it isn't friendly for a phone battery.  Turning the Bluetooth connection on seems to drain your phone battery, but if you're in the car and have it charging your phone you'll be alright.  

My only concern would be after a long day of walking around, shopping, sight seeing etc. you might have a problem with trying to find your car with a low battery.

You can find The Corux Smart Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Car Locator:

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