Loretta Lynn Field Day for Sister and Me

Loretta Lynn photo from Facebook Page
My sister Gwen and I decided it was time to go and do something together.  What better time to do this than on our Mama "Dot's"birthday weekend?   Mama has been gone for a year and we wanted to do things she would have enjoyed.  We wanted to do them together, so we did! To see what a day we had click read more below ...

We went to Barefoot Landing to pick up our tickets at The Alabama Theatre.  Then off we went.  Tanger Outlet was calling our names.  We then went into the Easy Spirit Shoe Store one of mama's favorite shoes to wear.  The Kitchen Store was a must for us.

Gwen tried on this apron for me and it is really cute!  You know I love aprons!   My goodness, don't you know there are so many goodies in the Kitchen Store...

This cute little critter was right outside the door of a Unique Gift Shop at Barefoot Landing.  We are back at the Barefoot Landing now and there are still plenty of shops left open this time of year.  We of course had to visit the candy stores.  We found candy mama and Fannie would have loved.  We filled our bags with some for our Loretta Lynn Concert.

I didn't have any trouble getting Gwen to have her picture taken with these farm animals.  I love that she is holding a pig, one of her favorite farm animals.  This is so cute!

Look at this bus, don't you just love it?  Loretta's daddy!  Coal Miner!  I saw another bus while we were walking around the other side camoflaged and wondered if she was on either.  This was fun..

This is one fine bus!

Gwen my sister whom I love dearly!


Fuzzy pictures, but sharing anyway..Loretta is such a beautiful person.  She is so genuinely loving!  Top right is one of her twin daughters.  Those girls can really sing.  Patsy and Peggy..She has a son Ernest Ray and he can really sing too.  The band was excellent and all can play and sing.

See this sweet face, she is smiling at people.  She allowed all to come up to take pictures.  People took advantage of it.  Gwen and I just sat in our seats but she was so, so sweet.  Can you believe she is 82?  I sure can't.  Her voice is still good and strong.
She had just done entire shows for the first time Full Shows at the Grand Ole Opry The Ryman !  Story of her Full Show Here
The 82-year-old icon played numerous hits from her six-decade career.
Friday night (Oct. 10) was a historic night at Nashville’s famed Ryman Auditorium. It’s hard to believe, but it was the first time Loretta Lynn performed a full show at the revered venue. rest of story

photo credit

Loretta was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom here
The American Music Association Honors and Awards Show is where Loretta accepted her Lifetime Achievement Award for Songwriting.  September 17, 2014

She is and will always be The Queen of Country Music!

 We were so glad to see her in person.  We have grown up with her music.  A friend of mine said "Dolly sure stays close to her roots."  Yes I do I am a country girl.  I love most all types of music but country music goes to the heart of it. When we were young our parents and grandparents loved country music. Aunt Fannie loved Elvis but then again who didn't?  I think I've told you before that I got my first record player as a young girl and the records that Santa brought me were Loretta Lynn, George Jones and Johnny Cash.  I kept looking for something else for a younger person but that was it.  There they were in my young life...I love them all.  That was when country music was Country Music!

Austin City Limits Loretta Lynn will be on November 22nd of this year 2014...Be sure to watch!

Gwen and Mama "Dot" cutting up on porch!

Happy Birthday in Heaven Mama!
Gwen and I did enjoy our day celebrating here on earth.  You know what I think she was with us too!

Have a great week
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 I know my video is horrible, blurry, people walking in front of me, not even the whole song But I wanted to share her singing.  I don't have to worry about people copying and using but for me it is a share here on the blog.

Chuck and I will be going next year to see Three Dog Night...that will be fun too!
Kenny Rogers is having a double concert in our hometown of Florence, SC December 2nd.  They will be filming that one for TV.  I already know that will be a great show!

We love you Loretta!


  1. What a wonderful,wonderful way to honor your Mama! I was lucky enough to see Loretta Lynn and Johnny Cash back in the 1970's. They were amazing then. I am glad she has been able to sing all these years and provide so much pleasure for so many people. Love that you got pictures of the the bus and of Loretta, too.
    If you like Johnny Cash did you know he played a evangelist (murdering one) on an old Columbo movie? It was one of the few things he did for TV and he was excellent in it. Little bit of trivia came from somewhere there- lol
    GREAT post!!!! xo Diana

    1. Hey Diana,
      I think Mama would have been proud that we did something other than sit and cry..Oh we wanted to but it was as if she said get up, get out and live..I didn't know that about Johnny Cash...good to know because Chuck watches the old Colombo's. Maybe we will see it..
      Thanks Diana, xoxo

  2. What a fantastic way to celebrate your Mom's memory - I just love this.

    Loretta Lynn is one country star I haven't had the pleasure of seeing in concert. How can that be?

    Three Dog Night should be awesome - oh, they bring back 70's memories that I best keep to myself. LOL!!!!

    Great post Dolly.

    1. Hey Kim,
      When we went they talked like it was a tradition to come to South Carolina and we never knew about it..So you're not by yourself. I'm laughing you are too cute..Three Dog Night I know what you mean. That should be a fun concert.

  3. You certainly had a great time! It looks like so much fun.

    1. Hey Kathy,
      We did tried not to be sad because of Mama's birthday and anniversary of her death. It was so good in fact that we both said we feel as if she is with us...


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