Nov 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Every year this Pilgrim Thanksgiving Nutcracker comes out of the china cabinet.  He has been fixture in our homes for many years.  A very old now clay figurine that I made so many years ago.  I must share with you the cutest turkey that my grandson made in kindergarten....

I found this picture taken a few years ago.  Every time I go to their house I see this cute little ceramic tile on the wall and it touches my heart.  What a lovely sentiment.  It is adorable also a cute Thanksgiving Idea for others to make.

It says it all doesn't it?  Give thanks!  

I'm busy as usual and spinning my wheels a little.  So much to do and so little time.  Are you all busy getting things ready for family and friends?  It is a fun kinda busy. 

The food is purchased or the makings for the dishes.  You know the always turkey, vegetables, deserts to be made.  I need to decide on what to make.
My daughters are quite the cooks so they will be bringing things.  Well, Catie is working so her specialty will be to bring the cranberry sauce in the can they do love that.

It is just a year that will be hard to get everybody together but we will be together somehow.  All I know is I'm cooking and "They Will Come!"

The only important thing is that we'll be together.  That is what is important.  Family, friends, loved ones.  Making memories.  After all those are the things that are truly important.

I'm thankful to God everyday!  There is no way to express it but it is important to always be thankful.  We are all so blessed.  

Well now I must get to cleaning and cooking but I wanted to wish you all a very:

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