Feb 3, 2016

If This Chair Could Talk

Take a look at this little dry, cracked little chair. It was going to be thrown away.  I couldn't let that happen.  It is in dire need of repair and I need to do something about that. There is a little story behind this chair.  As a matter of fact behind all of the chairs that have been waiting in storage for quite a while. 

I truly wish it could talk.  The first thing it would tell me I imagine would be, "Why haven't you fixed me?"  Yes, I have neglected it and many others, they have moved from owner to owner and home to home.  I had them in storage for awhile and then moved them out to refinish.  Sadly I didn't get around to doing that and weather and time have done some damage.

I decided to throw a pillow cushion on it and use it until refinishing.

Grandma "Cora"

This little chair belonged to my grandmother Cora.  You've probably read about her from time to time on here.  She was my mother's mother.  I'll try to give a description of her in a few words.  That will be hard to do but here goes.  Love, kindness, beautiful and just plain good are a few.  I never in my life heard her say an unkind word to anyone or about anyone, no not ever. What a compliment and one you can't give to many that have walked this earth.  She is no longer with us but really she always will be.

The chair was beside her bed.  I can remember many days going to get her to take her to the doctors or shopping and seeing her sitting in that chair.  She sat there to put on her stockings.  Yes she wore them and dresses always.  It would be a joy to see her beautiful smiling face greeting me with such love.  

She was becoming disabled and had to use the chair to dress.  Oh how I wish this little chair could talk.

Don't you like the pillow?  I found three of those beauties years ago.  They too have been in storage. We used some of the chairs during the Christmas Holidays, and the cushions matched the dining room chairs so well.

I don't know where the little chair came from because the grandparents had a fire and lost all they had.  Folks from all around came and gave them everything.  My future, at the time, in laws were some of the people and I've inherited or brought home pieces that they had given to grandma and grandpa.  It is a very small world indeed.

A few years back I did a short post about another antique piece of furniture that I'd gotten from grandma Cora titled:  The Traveling Hoosier Cabinet.

"If these chairs could talk!"

Most of these chairs belonged to family members.  My mother as well as many of her friends went to the school where they came from.  Some of those friends became my family after marriage.  An uncle was principal of that school.  He was principal when my mother went there.  She told of a few stories when she and others were small there.  

Anyway they were doing away with the chairs for some reason and family had them for years.  They were going to be thrown away.  "Hummmm"  Not with me around, the sentimental pack rat.  You may remember a post I did a few years back "Dirty Little Hoarding Shed, I mean "Collecting Shed."
That is where they were stored for years.

I have no idea exactly how old they are. You see they were used in a school in the Ebenezer Community of Florence, South Carolina.  It is no longer in existence.  There is a park  and housing in it's place now, so children are still enjoying the area. If I can find my mama's school picture I'll share with you she and others on the steps of this school.

It took some doing but I finally found a picture of the Old Ebenezer School.

Ebenezer School SCDAH

"It is not a thing that means much but the story and love behind it."
Take the time to enjoy the simple things in life, really just do it because
that is what really matters in the long run.

I'll be sure to update when refinishing the chairs with a past. 

Until next time,


  1. What a great post Dolly - It was so interesting.

    I love your Grandma Cora's chair. You should re-finish or paint it and stencil CORA on it. xo

  2. It seems like old things are made much more sturdier than modern furniture. I love all the old stuff. You're lucky to have it and a story to tell.

    1. You're right Kathy old things were made better. I am glad too and with the school chairs I like to think that even my mama as a child could have sat in one.

  3. This is a great post! I do not want to know what the chair is thinking that I am sitting on at the moment... However, I bet Grandma Cora shared many wonderful stories that your chair could share. By the way, do not believe my chair about how heavy I am and about those crumbs...

    1. Ginger Dawn hearing from you always makes my day! You would put a smile on anyone's face! I would really like to hear what your chair could tell us! Thanks for the laughs..