Apr 25, 2016

Cleaning The Porch Can Be Fun!

Pollen anyone?  Do you have enough out your way?  We sure have an overload.  Today I'm sharing the fun had playing with water and cleaning the front porch.

Take some children, especially boys, a water hose a bucket and some bubbles what do you have?  An excellent 'Cleaning Team'!  That's right they will have so much fun playing with the water they won't even realize you've just enlisted them in helping you clean the porch!

Check it out they are working hard as can be and loving every minute of it!  There seemed to be an inch of pollen on top of the table.

Cleaning the steps!

Spraying water on the fire ants!  I moved him before he could get bitten!

Yellow sudsy water.  I love the car wash tool and how it helps to clean things other than the car.  It sure did help in cleaning the porch this past weekend.

The porch railings serve well for hanging rugs over to clean and dry.  I remember my grandmama doing this on her porches.

I guess I take after my mama in a lot of ways.  She every week would get the water hose, a broom and detergent to clean her porches.  She enjoyed doing that.  It is fun to play with the water and see the dirt/pollen wash away.  I always forget that if you have a really strong force of water it can possibly go into the house so remember to check inside to make sure it is dry.

The chairs have been washed and are out on the lawn to dry.  The old wooden chairs have been moved into storage. Some are in need of re-caning.  That will be a future project along with painting the porch rockers.

Looking cleaner as we work our way to the corner.  It is fun to clean when you can see the dirt just wash away!

I wanted to show you the strawberry patch as it looked on this day.  I have a path down the middle to enable picking both sides of the patch.  I've noticed something today the plants on the right are growing at a faster rate.  This must be checked out.  Something must be going on with the irrigation.

I hope you will have a wonderful week ahead!  
I leave you today with a video in remembrance of Prince.


  1. The boys sure are good helpers! Everything looks so nice! We are having a fairly warm week so far. Of it doesn't snow again maybe I will work on my porch! I would love a strawberry patch! Inspiration!

    1. I hope warm weather comes your way soon! I'm starting on my second out here we have so many wild critters that I have trouble growing and getting anything to eat! Get you a patch going Susie, I'm sure you'd love it. The boys did help a lot!

  2. What a great idea to clean the front porch. exciting about the strawberries.

    1. Hi Ginger Dawn! It was fun and thanks! Hope the critters big and small will let these plants stay!