Jul 30, 2016

High Five Naturals Silicone Suction Lids

Today I share the product review of these silicone suction lids.  Join me won't you.
Do you see some of the wonderful uses for these lids?  I did this review on Dolly is Cooking in early 2015 and since then can tell you that I use these almost daily!  I really do and I cook a lot so that should tell you something about their use.

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High Five Naturals has sent me this very  useful product today. Truthfully when I first received these I thought will I have a use for them?  I soon found out that yes, I indeed will use them.  I now do use them and very much.  They have become a quick go-to.  Literally they are stored in a drawer very close to the stove for easy access.

Check this out for steeping tea!
See the trivet/pot holder underneath?
That will be the next review.

I do find myself reaching for these constantly as you can see in first photo above. The tea was delicious after steeping covered with the suction lid.  The ranch dressing covered with the suction lid stayed fresh in the fridge.  I really enjoyed covering the salad with one.  Place on container push in center slightly that creates a suction. Yes, I even clown around and lift the bowl totally with the top tab, something that I don't advise you to do, but hey it works.

TIP**You must remove with the little tab that has the hole in it to prevent lid from falling into what you are covering.  It also will not have suction on some products like a hot pot with greasy texture.  

I brought these potato cubes to a boil covered with silicone lid then removed from heat and sat on counter.  I left them there for approximately 20 minutes.The potatoes cooked thoroughly without further cooking. 

I love the following information and am using one right now in my Electrolux oven because you're not supposed to use aluminum foil in it.  The oven has a covered bottom element and foil would mold onto it disrupting use and voiding the warranty.


- Heat Resistant to 464°F

- Easily Transfer Bowls from Fridge to Microwave/Oven
- Easy Clean: Top-Rack Dishwasher/Under Water
- Microwave/StoveTop/Oven/Fridge/Freezer Safe
- Airtight/Spill-Proof Seal Keeps Food from Drying Out
- FDA Approved Premium Food-Grade Silicone - No Worries about Unsafe Toxicity from Heating Plastic Wrap in the Microwave
- Use on Pans for Simmering
- Storage Space Savers - Stack/Roll/Hang
- Odor/Mildew/Stain/Resistant - Won't Rust/Crack/Chip

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Save money on wraps!Protect your food!
I recommend!

You can find High Five Naturals at links below:
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Disclosure:  This product was given to me for the purpose of testing and giving an honest opinion.  My opinions are just that and are my own.


  1. I have some of these as well & use them all the time, but mine came from Norwex. I agree they are quite handy!

    1. It is one of those things you never knew you needed but when you get them find them to be that way! I know I like my High Five's.