Jul 30, 2016

High Five Naturals Silicone Trivet Hot Pad Set

Today I do a review on this silicone hot pad trivet set.  You see where they are don't you?  Yes right where I can get my hands on them and quickly too.  Join me as I give you the results of the testing.

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High Five Naturals have the brightest and fun colors!
These are sturdy yet flexible enough to use in many ways.
They have groves/lines on one side so air can pass underneath
The other side is smooth with little circle indentions.

They can be used as a hot pad

These pot holder/trivets have become a welcome part of my kitchen.  I do however forget that they can be used both ways.  It is finally dawning on me that they can.  That makes them doubly useful!

You see here it is being used as a trivet

You can see the suction lids in packaging above that I reviewed here
Some of the trivets below which I am reviewing in this post.

I thought you might like to see a video

My Score = Excellent!
I recommend this product
I find them extremely useful
Would I purchase?  The answer is Yes.

You can find
High Five Naturals :  Amazon.com link
High Five Naturals Facebook Page:   link  
High Five Naturals You Tube link

Disclosure:  This product was given to me for the purpose of testing and giving an honest opinion.  My opinions are just that and are my own.